The patient gradually became stout and ruddy, cough and expectoration ceased, and he had an excellent appetite. - we can say with certainty that the loss of a cusp in a human molar tooth is associated with decreased initial energy; and that these changes are not due, as in the case in the lower animals, to adaptation to special, and, as a rule, to higher ends. It has a soothing and tranquillizing effect. - other cases will call for active surgical treatment, and this should not be delayed too long either in the malignant or in the benign forms. Article on"Pregnancy Following Double Ovariotomy," in the Medical Age, Detroit, of recent date, I can not resist the temptation to ofl'er my opinion as explaining the phenomenon of fecundation of an ovum, after extirpation of ovaries and tubes We know from experience that pregnancy can and does take place in a woman who has had performed ovariectomy and salpingectomy, unilateral or bilateral. The patient was again given one-thirtieth of a grain of strychnin hypodermatically and carefully etherized, and Esmarch straps were applied to each of the injured limbs some distance above the proposed points of amputation. The sharpening of the critical faculty b.v comparison is all the more desirable for the American ph.ysician in tluit in his undergraduate days he rarely has the opportunity, as the German student does, of wandering from university to university, from one laboratory or clinic to another. It is probable that the chances of infection in marriage have been somewhat over-estimated. Watson advocated in the class of cases alluded to in the paper the method so strongly indorsed by Reginald Harrison, of performing perineal cystotomy and crushing and Dr. When the child was one year old, there the iiuiieinai impressions which produced these markings on the child resulted from the strain on the stitches in the abdominal wound of the mother during the fortyeight hours of vomiting, immediately following the operation. The fact that chronic Bright's disease may be unilateral in one-half, or nearly one-half, of a series of eighteen cases may come as a matter of surprise to many of my readers, as, indeed, it proved a revelation to the writer. - the anterior branch passes forward, supplying the anterior lateral surface of the chest and the skin over the external surface of the mammary gland. The day following there was a sli-rht the child went through a two weeks' illness with most severe lobar pneumonia and recovered.

It is common but by no means constant to elicit a history of increasing constipation, or constipation alternating with diarrhoea, extending back over some weeks or months. The autopsy showed a few small collections of thick pus in the skin and muscles at the site of puncture. The circulation any transplanted portion can functionate, and the treatment of myxcedema was first successfully accomplished by grafting. I believe that a greater proportion of cases would recover under the proper use of rest, exercise, air, sunlight, food, and water, than under the most approved medication with the neglect of the other means (

Not so, however, with Bright's disease, which, according to Edebohls, may now be cured by the knife, and new hope THE STATE OF THE BLOOD IN CASES OF There has been not a little discussion as to the changes that take place in the blood in connection with attacks of appendicitis, and it cannot be said that there is, as yet, tmiversal agreement upon this subject. Nothing has done fo much to lessen the frequency and extent of postoperative peritoneal adhesions as the modern practice of sequestrating the general peritoneum by broad layers of gauze, and limiting all traumatism of operation and peritoneal toilette to the immediate pathologic area.

The insertion of sutures into the heart is usually a difficult procedure, but has been successfully accomplished in a number of instances:

In other words, to this surgical condition the ordinary rules of surgical treatment should be applied. This ought to be especially true of an organism which, as the diplococcus of Poynton and Paine, is found to grow best in a medium made slightly acid by lactic acid. For these symptoms I ordered cocain one-tenth grain, cerium oxalate two grains, and sodium bicarbonate two under control. Dodge, Big Rapids, councilor for the Eleventh medical science and the medical profession. He was pursued, and found enjoj'ing his pipe and coffee. One attack of acute rheumatism does not afford immunity from a future attack; on the contrary, the individual is predisposed by one attack to subsequent attacks. Members of this Section are fully aware of tlie fact thaf most aural affections begin "" in childhood, and that the greatest percentage are then entirely curable.

The case may go on favorably for two or three days, then there "" is a troublesome collection of ropy mucus in the mouth and the wound becomes very fetid, cough is complained of, the temperature and pulse run up, respirations are very rapid, and the patient becomes cyanosed and dies in a few days with symptoms of pneumonia. Northern Hospital, an appointment which he resigned last spring on account of failing health.

I have seen acquired syphilis in the very yovmg where the parents have been healthy (