Compared with five available samples from different sources, it was evident that these particles might have had a common source with one of the samples, but were distinctly different from the other four. Prognosis is not always gloomy nor is surgical treatment useless. (i,) If a man takes blackwater fever before he has been two years in the country he should be invalided home never to return. The dressings are usually allowed to remain until the third day. There is no endocarditis, a very moderate congestion of the lung and some bronchitis. Of calomel, which speedily and freely on the bowels, and thus do much towards both the first and second.

The same data can be obtained from the Army and Navy Jovrnal published in New York, or from the Army and Navy Register ptiblished in this city. JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association (All sections to participate together) ISMA Board of Trustees breakfast (Scientific exhibits located on second floor) Private gourmet dinner and special entertainment INDIANA CHAPTER, ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN How Dangerous is Low-Level Radiation? (All sections to participate except the Section on Internal Medicine) ISM A Board of Trustees breakfast (Scientific exhibits on second floor) Entertainment: The Arbors, popular night club quartet and recording artists ISMA SECTION OF EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIANS, FAMILY PRACTICE SECTION, AND INDIANA ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS Diagnosis and Treatment of Arrhythmias Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Management of Drug Overdose Lunch Break and Meet the Professor Infectious Emergencies You Dare Not Miss Brain Death and Organ Procurement JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association ISMA SECTION ON INTERNAL MEDICINE, AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS, INDIANA REGIONAL MEETING IN ASSOCIATION WITH INDIANA SOCIETY OF INTERNAL MEDICINE The Impact of Modern Non-Invasive Nuclear Imaging Techniques on the Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease Tips on the Use of Blood Gases Recertification: Is It of Value? Is It a Threat? American College of Physicians, Rochester, Minn. It ought to be the business of teachers to strengthen the mental powers of children, not to cram them with a little of every sort of knowledge.

Bumpus of producing an immunity to renal infection, and their of convalescence is usually in inverse proportion to the Golla, member of the War Office Committee for the Study of Tetanus, has obtained his conclusions from due to better methods in dealing with wounds and the consequent improvement in the general condition of the patient. Membership has been since extended to all physicians who have become members of the Department of Medicine in medicine as they complete their residency Goals of the society are simple but important: the progress of medicine in Texas. The danger of attacking new ideas could not receivQ a better illustration. This obviously cannot explain the occurrence of such lesions on the palm or sole or on mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, conjunctiva, or possibly larynx.

During the four succeeding years there were one thousand, one hundred and seventy-seven cases with one hundred and thirty-six antitoxin period by giving cases treated with and without antitoxin, with the results of six hundred and seven cases treated and thirty four times as many died when antitoxin was omitted from the treatment as when it was used. The softer portion extends beyond the median line, and at its border is felt a longitudinal furrow dividing the body of the organ into two unequal parts. It certainly does not have the virulence nor the tendency to cause metastatic foci as it does in the adult. Only such conditions which bring about these alterations from within are of importance to us.

In the case of the epitaphs on the tombstones of the dead there is a sentimental consideration that compels an observance of the old Latin maxim"de mortuis nil nisi bonum." So that the cases are not really parallel. I have at times prescribed for many patients without having seen them during their illness, and even in every case of this description, under, of course, every disadvantage, it has been full as successful, with one solitary exception. - the irritation passes from the fifth nerve through the cervical sympathetic to the pneumogastric and thence to the stomach So frequently is this irritation the cause of nervous dyspepsia, especially in women who are obliged to use the eyes in close application to work, that the eye should be examined as a routine practice in all cases of nervous dyspepsia. This encouraging truth, together with the fact, that the chances of relief diminish nearly in a geometrical ratio with the period of duration of the attack, shows the importance of an early application for However, although time so rapidly diminishes the chances of prevent us from despairing in any instance, unless organic change of the brain have occurred.

Stimulation of the optic nerve causes an instant reflex contraction of the pupils through the oculomotor or third cranial nerve, the origin of which is connected with the corpora quadrigemina, but this tract extends on into the medulla. Then grasps B's right arm at the elbow or above, and carries the arm at right angles to the thorax laterally and then rotates it upward and forward meanwhile lifting by the left hand the clavicle into position.

There was only one case of what seemed to be a pure dislocation, but even in this the x-ray showed a slight fracture of the body. Bdrrell also continued his previous discussion by commenting on the cases reported by Drs.

I have not seen any of the nervous effects from removing the uterus; and so far as the functions no complaints.