No special anatomical description is requisite, and the symptoms and signs are in no way different from a local neuritis. It requires but little consideration to realise the difficulty of determining what should be included under diseases of the mediastinum, and any arrangement adopted must be a somewhat arbitrary one, modified by the views of the individual writer. The fever ed is in favor of such a conception. The importance of this subject demands the earliest attention of this association, to countenance, assist and protect the honest fair dealer, but to discourage and discard the fraudulent illiberal speculator.

We trust, in the interest of humanity, that the London movement have generic.bfr we to do with abroad?" asked a remarkable political economist, and perhaps some Americans may feel as he in regard to their educational institutions. Abnormalities, which are produced by A. In the spine, deviations in an anteroposterior or lateral direction and limitation hw of motion in the different regions are to be recorded as to extent. Since that time he has several times required hospital treatment: hu. This condition may last for years, till finally, due to ip irritation by hard scybala and abuse of purgatives, a catarrh is established.

Those, only, are falling victims to it, who have neglected to secure themselves by proper vaccination; and although it has been in this city over four months, the deaths by it have been less, in that period, than have been known to result from the measles in a single month, during some periods of their M It is understood that the number of deaths by Small-pox, in the city (Boston), in the last four months, is about eighty." There are some statistical returns in this Report, which is prepared with clearness and ability, that merit a farther notice. It is caused most frequently by compression either of the intrahepatic branches of the portal vein in cirrhosis, syphilis, or tumours of the liver; or of the main branches or trunk by fibrous perihepatitis, chronic peritonitis, swollen lymph-glands, impacted gallstones or tumours.


These clots may be quite small; or they may be of considerable size, as big as the thumb, or even larger; in this case they are due to an accumulation of blood in the vagina and its subsequent coagulation. The importance of the occurrence from the medical jurist's standpoint is manifest in connection with the question of chastity. Thoma states as his first histo - mechanical principle that increased velocity of the blood-current leads to widening of the lumen, and eventually, if the increase continues, to growth of the vessel wall in superficies.

This tendency to burrow deeply and to become adherent to muscles, vessels, and nerves is important; for an attempt at removal may reveal a far wider extension of the cyst than was at first apparent. We believe that we are absolutely correct, when we say that it is the heart muscle which maintains the normal systolic blood pressure, and that it is the resistance of the coats of the ar teries, supplemented by the capillary resistance, that produces the diastolic blood pressure (hs). In some women, however, it appears at shorter intervals from two to three, or more frequently still, from three to four weeks. His countenance, though not wanting in a certain degree of comeliness, had a stern and grim expression, and was now distorted with terror.

There was but little pain, the movement of the heart scarcely distinguishable. On palpation nothing abnormal in the joint may be felt; but, if the swelling be less extreme than has been described, it is often possible to elicit crepitus; or to detect the presence of loose bodies, and even of irregi;lar fragments of bone within the articular cavity. The patient should be moved from place to place with Of sedative medicines, chloral is recommended fl administered in doses varying from six to ten, or even fifteen grams, either in combination or not with four to eight grams of potassium iodide, by mouth or rectum. But I thought it necessary to engage in some details on the present state of chemistry with respect to the salts, that the principles, on which the genus I am about to describe is found ed, might be fully appreciated by those readers who may not have exercised the constant vigilance, which is necessary to keep pace with the rapidity of discovery. But here our agreement with Marinesco must cease. In such cases evidence that the blood comes from some source within Tubal Abortion. Malgaigne and Agnew made the diagnosis of_ rupture of the axillary vein. As the book stands today it is considered one of the most valuable class room Originc, evolution ct traitcmcnt dcs maladies clironiqucs For many centuries the list hr of incurable diseases was very long and a chronic invalid was accepted without question by the family; nothing was done except to render his bartered tent as impervious to disease as possible. He must at length be contented hx in concluding ALLUSIONS TO THEORY AND PHYSIOLOGY.

The professors give"instructions,"; practical medicine," and all animals used"are subsequently autopsied." Among others, the following textbooks are recommended: A serious purpose underlay the formation of the institution, incorporated as"A Religious ii and Divine Healing Association"; therefore one must as sincerely suggest only the best meant criticisms.