Obtained from the pustules of horses suffering of Icterus, Karlinsky and Ducamp.

After all, the people of the South will themselves have to do the greater part of the work, but there is no reason why they should hesitate to recog nize the community of interest felt in the North as in no way derogatory to their own section. The Whitehead method should not be employed in all cases of luemorrhoids, but is well suited for the conditions mentioned above. The vesicular form, however, is observed in those whose general condition is bad, and in the weak and debilitated as well as the anaemic. On the whole, however, it must be confessed that the connection between pure mathematics and laryngology, otology, "ea" and rhinology is only a distant one. To a French newspaper, the cannon ball has acquired a new application which is quite different from its ordinary destructive properties. When high ragweed pollination is on the wane, low ragweed pollen begins to appear in the air in large amounts.

The disease again remained with us in its sporadic type until the severe time sporadic cases have appeared during the fall, winter, and spring months of the year. ; Medical Society of the County Societj' of Dermatology and Genitourinary Surgery; Woman's Medical Association of New York City (New York Academy of Medicine); Medicolegal Society, New York; New Jersey Academy of Medicine (Jersey City); Buffalo Medical Club; New Haven, (Section in Orthopaedic Surgery); Clinical Society of the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital; New York Microscopical Society; Brooklyn cases, I death. A dynamic process involving action and interaction between both processes (allergy modifying the psyche, the psyche in turn modifying symp toms, etc.) is suggested by some clinical experience.

Fortunately the mouths of horses are now made so much more carefully than in former times, and their management is so much better understood, that we seldom hear of or see an accident from this cause, either in the saddle or in harness (eh). Anil best of these is what is known, or not known, as the"drip-sheet." eg Just how this is to be given is of the utmost which I shall not read to you, but shall ask you to read hereafter, must answer, to show how careful one must be, in my opinion, as to these details. This matter about the pupils rises and falls, like the waves with the tide coming in and out.

We are very sorry that space will not permit us to review the essays, many of which arc of importance and should find a larger circulation than can be given to them in this publication.

A., Sanderson's Method of, by passing the virus through the system of another animal (t'.,i,'"., the guinea-pig, in anthrax), so that it becomes modified in virulency. The vesicles, minute at first and closely aggregated, coalesce and rupture, exuding a clear plasmic fluid that stains and stiffens linen. Marchand has suggested that the syncytium is the chief factor in the ej absorption of nutritive material from the maternal blood, the Langhans layer being more concerned with the transmission of waste products from ovum to maternal blood. So called from the golden color of certain chrysalides. Rusk is professor and chairman of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, New York University College of Medicine, and Dr.


I remained at the house, as I usually do, after the other doctors had left, washing and replacing my instruments, keeping an eye on my patient and talking and jesting with her. Sulphur Candles thoroughly employed are elTeetual in the fumigation and disinfecting of rooms after infectious diseases: ed. Generic.tfr - some horses, however, have been kept sweating for a full hour, as I am informed, without apparent injury, and have afterwards gone out to rrercise as full of life as ever.

Mcafee - like the soldier or sailor, he must go to the ends of the earth. Any person who in the least wanders away from the subject is immediately sat down upon by the chairman; and if a speaker attempts to ride a hobby, which he has spoken or written of before, the members are not slow to show signs of disapproval. This visiting list contains the usual blank forms for daily calls, memoranda, are devoted to useful hints for the physician's daily use, such as prediction of the day of confinement, poisons and their antidotes, methods of disinfection, care of galvanic batteries, examination of urine, table of doses, diet table for diabetics and diagnostic table of eruptive fevers. The occurrence of squamous cell (epidermoid) carcinoma in the lining of cystic teratoma or dermoid cysts of the ovary, though uncommon, is not an extremely rare condition. The disease is prone to terminate fatally or result in permanent injury to, the valves. Seely; one on Anthropological Notes on the Human Hand by Dr. Restoration of the uterus to its normal position in these cases relieves in a measure the congestion which e.xists in these veins, but it does not cure the dilatation of the veins, and they still remain a source of discomfort to many patients. On the other hand, a little baby will bear two drachms of it daily in meningitis. It is probably due to adrenal rest tumor of the ovary or to a so-called SteinLeventhal syndrome, which is a wastebasket of these bilateral microcystic diseases of the ovaries.

He had used this incision for a number of years and had not yet seen a case of hernia, although in four cases there had been disturbances of wound healing. Sometimes the whole wart does not come away on the first application, in which case a eo second must be made.

It has been observed frequently that mothers of mongoloid children are older at time of delivery than mothers of normal children.