Acetic ether can only be formed when acetic acid and alcohol are both in the nascent state. I was at once struck with the strong resemblance which this case presented, both in respect to the tumours and the general aspect, to the idiot at Highgate. This, and also the India, are assorted, and the better specimens disfigured to resemble the Turkey; as much as the fifth of a cargo being found to be these inferior sorts. The heart was slightly enlarged, gravity, with a trace of albumin and a few hyaline casts. A man shot himself with this weapon, a" Selbstlade-Pistole" (self-loading pistol) Patrick Mauser modification. He also insisted upon the necessity of the most extreme care in its applications. In the second stage the larynx presents extensive infiltrations or ulcerations. Many attempts had been made to ascertain the precise nature and mutual relations of the constituents of fibrin, and these investigations had somewhat overshadowed the question, which was more interesting to practitioners, viz., as to what were the circumstances which de termined the mutual reaction of these two substances and the conditions under which the corpuscles parted with their fibrin-forming element to unite with the element in the liquor sanguinis. .-Vmong the retlex disturbances were those arising from involvement of Meissner's plexus, as for example membranous colitis.

This state constitutes what some writers have regarded as fatty degeneration, what M. The areolar tissue which surrounds the nerves presents nuclei, which, however, shorter, thicker, irregularly scattered on the surface of the membrane, showing no approach to parallelism, and the tissue itself does not separate into cylindrical fibres. The lymphatics were the usual means of the extension of the disease.

The paper includes the question of laparotomy in gunshot wounds, in typhoid ulceration, in gangrenous hernia, and in typhlitis; the author is opposed to any interference in tubercular peritonitis. The whole toe retained its vitality, and it is further reported that it has developed sensibility, although the power of movement has not yet A New Detention Hospital for Minneapolis Philanthropic citizens of Minneapolis have generously Health Reports The following cases of smallpox, yellow- fever, cholera, and plague have been reported Mexico, Vera K'. I am quite sure that all the patients I saw operated on recovered. A Reference Handhooh of the Medical Sciences, embracing the Entire Range of Scientific and Practical Medicine and Allied Dr. He thought it important lo emphasize the dangers of "" cocaine.

Sir Henry Wentworth Dyke, death Acne, treatment of necrotic, with sea-water, hemorrhage following the removal of, Adrenals, blood of animals deprived of the, Albumin, precipitation of, by pathogenic Alcohol as an antidote to carbolic acid, Allen, Charles Lewis, the neuron doctrine, medical profession of the United States with the National Confederation of State Medical E.xamining and Licensing lioards in establishing interstate reciprocity for the license to practise Ambulance corps, return of a disgraced, American Institute of Ilomrt-opathy, ig.

What do they want more than this proof, and what can they answer to it? Another objection, however, has been made. As a rule, when these two impor Nervous Disease," by ihe writer, in the New York Medical Journal, tant signs co-exist, it is sufficient evidence to warrant the knee-jerk is lost in every case. The left lower limb was at this time larger than the right, especially after exercise. There had been amenorrh(pa since June, but during the previous two years she had menslrnated only at intervals of four and five months. Donne, of Paris, who declares the above fact, as stated by Dr. He limits the designation nervous asthma to cases in which, without perceptible change in the lung tissue, in the brain, or in the track of the pneumogastric, a sudden expiratory dyspnoea occurs associated with a spasm of the diaphragm and of the bronchial musculature. This is then conveyed by the duct to the basal aperture of the poison-canal of the fang. This sudden departure was as disappointing as unexpected, since certain points as regards the condition of sensation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue, and possible recovery in part of the sensation of the face, were yet to be studied. Another objection urged against this method is the increased facility which it affords for the evaporation of the water in the trap, and the greater liability to destruction of the seal. Plumbi and laudanum, applied to the diseased part. My own experience of this malady comprises only a single case, but in it both palms were affected, and the malignant growth presented the same peculiar features in both. It is about fourteen years since the operation of normal ovariotomy, Battey called it, was brought practically before the profession. While hypnotic suggestion might regulate a disturbed metabolism in the nerve organs or check atrophic changes in cell protoplasm, it could not be expected to repair lesions in the bloodvessel sheaths or suddenly atone for the results of an exaggerated destructive metamorphosis in the nerve-cell bodies. A point of practical importance is the propriety of the early openings,, from the great depression of the vital forces; the inference in this case was, that the contents of the abscess were producing serious mischief, which was, manifested upon the escape of the foetid gas, and the relief which followed.