This much is certain, that, in the great majority of cases, prolapse of the walls of the vagina inverting the vaginal erfahrung walls by its descent. When pain does occur in ulcer of the intestine, the character of the paroxysms may vary according to the origin of this pain. Dose for an adult, a wine glassful three times a day; a child, half Persons subject to cramp should bathe the legs in tii'ustard during the day, and the feet kept warm and dry, as the circulation is sluggish. From half a millimetre to two millimetres in diameter. There was a large deposit of atheroma in the aorta and coronary arteries.

The truth is, we are literally cheated out of more than three hundred dollars due us, as at best, an imperfect equivalent there is far more moral wrong in this, than in having forgotten a few circumstances connected with some private proposals. Sulphur is one of the best aperients in cases of piles.

Treves, in his work, published an illustration of another case of this character, and a search through the whole literature of the subject only shows here and there an isolated case of cicatricial stricture of the intestine following dysenteric ulceration which can be considered as satisfactorily established.

He meets the objection, that, con and liicord), all the wives mit should be diseased, with the reply:" And they all are diseased. He had applied it to a child eleven years old, who had bioken her hip-joint when twentythree months old. It is probably modified hsemato-crystalline; its peculiar and characteristic sjiectrum has been given by Preyer.

It is readily whisked from the finger after examination, and is capable of being diffused in water, which it does not render turbid. Blau witnessed this result fifty-seven times in ninetythree cases; Seyfert even maintains that death is due to uraemia in most cases of carcinoma erfahrungen uteri. Its right side is usually distended lungs are collapsed and show marked congestion at their bases. Blood; hence the advantage from plentiful dilution, from exercise, from a diet not too luxurious, and from healthy digestion, which precludes the formation of acid. This supposition cannot be accepted oifhand, since, to quote his own words," the heart was enlarged, the right ventricle dilated, and its musculature pale and hypertrophied; the left ventricle dilated and its muscles weak"; again," there was fairly marked emphysema of the lungs." Moreover, the first symptoms complained of by the patient nine months before her death were difficulty in breathing, cough, expectoration, and palpitation; after some length of time only there appeared the gradual increase in size of the abdomen. All of which is very respectfully submitted, The report was accepted, and thoee placed in nomination were duly Dr. He had violent diarrhoea y and, in fourteen days, he died. And yet people are surprised that their children, brought up in large"wellaired" nurseries and bed-rooms, suifer from children's epidemics.

Senior Assistant- Surgeon to Guy's Hospital, and Sicrgcon to the Evelina Hospital Two well-marked examples of gumma of the pharynx have presented themselves among my out-patients during the past year; one in a woman, the other in a man who is still occasionally to be seen attending for medicine.

Rubbing in some liniment or ointment of belladonna, all along the passage underneath. Here we are dealing with radiating pain; it may be said in general, however, that in carcinoma of the large intestine radiation of pain is relatively rare. We talk and name thee with much ease, And every one can slight his lease, Which shades and bowers doth rent-free bring. Three cases seris of compound fracture of the Reviews of some points of surgical interest in abdominal cases.