It still remains to ascertain the exact proportions of blood, and to observe its appearance under the microscope. Where there is a chronic discharge, the urethral mucous membrane is given complete rest and it is allowed to get well. With this view it is advisable to open a vein largely, and draw blood freely, at the very onset of the disease. The non-colored portions of skin appear, by contrast, whiter than normal skin. There is some prejudice against iron, which should, however, be freely used if necessary. The frog manometer, now nearly a quarter of a century in use, destroyed the last chances that were left for the theory. Sometimes they are represented as globular, sometimes angular and flat, like a piece of money. The men use a sink, built projecting over the water, on the remains of an old gunboat at the bank of the river. In a solid tumour, springing from within the abdomen itself, and pressing against the parietes, the sound will be perfectly ABORTION, (abortus.) signifies the expulsion of the foetus from the uterus before its different organs have been sufficiently developed to enable it to support an independent life. The growths were creamy white, soft and succulent, and the largest ones were breaking dowii at their bases. Xo reputable member of the medical profession would consent to participate in the commission of so heinous a crime as attempting criminal abortion.

Readers of Southern Medicine and Surgery will greatly profit therefrom. While there the pain returned: The blood is fluid and almost black in color.

In cases of occiput posterior position he had been able to make a diagnosis from the sutures and fontanetles, and had been able Dr. The busy man is always grateful when he is enabled by any such device to find at a glance the division of the subject that particularly interests him, and when, moreover, he finds, on consulting the test, that the author has written, so to speak, with the patient before him, his attention and confidence are entirely gained and he follows with the closest attention the lessons of one who has seen and understood. In ordinary breathing (especially of men) we do much reviews of the work with the diaphragm, allowing the chest to stay unexpanded.

If forcible in statement it is weak in argument, where the latter can be detected. Present Status of Physical Therapy: Osteopathic principles used in diagnosis and management in taught in practical sessions. The importance of such work in this city can only be thoroughly appreciated by those familiar with the crowded condition of some of the districts, and the uncleanly habits of the people. Has been comfortable up to the present time. But as it is the usual medium between us and sonorous bodies, its relations to these become of the chief importance in every inquiry having reference to the practical habitudes of sound. The virulence of these organisms IS extremely variable and we see every gradation in the clinical picture, from the mildest simple continued fever to a classical typhoid.