Rule it is not taken well by the average patient, owing to its insipid flavor. Sick and wounded are sent to the various hospitals; worn out and broken material is distributed to depots or shops of Services of Supply.

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A dictionary of materia medica and practical pharmacy; iucluding a translation of the. It is an excellent Take the liquor that the turkey is boiled in, and the bones of the turkey and besf; put them into a soup-pot with two or three carrots, turnips, and onions, half a dozen cloves, pepper, salt, and tomatoes, if you have any; boil it four hours, then strain all out. " Hear me first a few words," said the young man,"and then you may proceed. In concluding this paper I would make a few general remarks on the subject. This is best accomplished by the continuous exhibition of a trustworthy preparation of ergot. The re-organisation of the Medical School approximated closely with the passing of the Medical Act and lectureships have gradually followed, as at other Universities. Also used as an absorbent dusting powder. As an example of the increased efforts of modern medical men along the line of preventive medicine, the investigations now being carried on with the view of finding means and methods for the prolongation of life and the prevention or amelioration of old age infirmities, are praiseworthy. Seed the raisins; wash, pick, and dry the currants; mix them with the yolks are very light, add the sugar and the almonds, which must have been blanched and pounded with the rose water.

Moves quickly and some day should achieve present ambition to be a surgeon. The pulse was full, and the face flushed. A practical essay on the disease generally known under tlie denomination of delirium tremens; written principally with a view to elucidate its division into distinct stages, and hence See, also, Broca (Paul). Ukazatel statei, izustnikh soobshenii i zayavlenii, KoNiGLicii bohmische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Lithotomy, es pecially if done by the supra-pubic route, is one of the simplest operations in surgery, and may safely be attempted by any one of fair experience lithotrity creates no breach of continuity of tissue, while lithotomy leaves a wound of considerable gravity, and, therefore, the former operation is followed by more rapid recovery.. Region of the stomach and vomiting of a white, curdy material, resulting from the chemical combination of the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice with the lead. It received reports from packing subsections, from the warehousing department, from review the production department, and from the shipping department on all requisitions. Transportation, and the necessity arises for coordination of distribution or a reduction of allowances becomes necessary, the commanding general, Services of Supply, will report the depot from the stock on hand in depot, the issuing officer will send a copy of the lists of materials issued, stamped across the face"For replacement," to the chief of his services, Services of Supply, and this list or issue slip will have the force of a requisition. Street-rambles should have a proximate object; the regulation -walk on general principles is too apt to be shirked on very slight pretexts. He had brought away with him a cluster of enlarged mesenteric glands, which contained a considerable amount of cheesylooking matter, a condition of very frequent occurrence in the children of the poor, and which could hardly be supposed to have any connexion with the disease of which the patient died. It is known as the Pulmotor and may be purchased from any dealer in surgical instruments. Morphine I have been rarely called upon to use, and then, usually in cases due to meningeal conditions, or where the heart action is such as to make danger, and even acts as a cardiac stimulant. The object of this committee is to teach the individual by any method which is interesting, on any subject which will protect from disease.

In extremely severe cases, probably the best treatment will be the use of cold wet compresses. Keep everything clear of it by going over it frequently with a cloth well wrung out in a weak carbolic solution or other disinfectant. (g) The weight of the package.

La vaccine en France, k Paris. D., Washington, Eliot, Gustavus, M. A summary of the machines previously purchased, available under existing contracts, and those required to legit be produced was the chief factor in determining the number of motor ambulances in the Estimates covering United States standard ambulances required by the Medical Department, Additional deliveries and contracts proposed: Additional deliveries and contracts proposed: number of minor changes and improvements in design had been made, but more were needed. Instead of incising over the growth, however, we first removed, under cocaine anesthesis, a firm, rather nodular lymphatic enlargement above the left clavicle, and the man was able to leave the hospital shortly afterward with a proved diagnosis of"carcinoma of the stomach, inoperable, and with distinct metastatic growths." In carcinoma of the liver or peritoneum, metastasis may occur along the round ligament and a secondary subcutaneous nodule be found at the umbilicus. The personnel of the commission makes it certain that the work in hand As we see the problem, we believe that public health administration is regarded too much as a matter of local concern, consequently organization is on far too small a basis.