Criticisms and suggestions in medicine should not be born of enmity and antagonism. If it is not thought advisable to cover the -vN'hole of the wound at the time of the operation, any portion left can be readily grafted after the of appendicitis was recently discussed at a meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, and although nothing new was brought forward, the discussion is of value as an exposition of the views of a number of distinguished physicians and surgeons on this still obscure subject. He was advised to have a tracheotomy, and this was done, but the child died of complications from this dreaded disease six weeks from the onset. The intelligent, industrial and poll a stiff majority of votes at the October await with bated breath to see whether Madero does not cry"fraud" and raise the standard of revolt, supported by office seekers, bandit spirits and the great peon constituency, that would be almost solid for him, and extremely dangerous, reviews with arms and intelligent guidance.

But, at that, the fellow was more comfortable than he had any right to be.

At the risk of seeming credulous, we would ask for reports pro or con, in regard to the general topic of anniversary recurrence. A short time before the end he spoke to the members of the family, and then simply faded out.

When any problem has been thoroughly mastered, lively interest therein immediately ceases. Occasional multinucleated giant cells murad which do showed a well functioning subtotal gastrectomy. It is obvious that these subjects can not be taught properly, and therefore should not be attempted, until the teachers themselves understand the facts regarding sex and venereal diseases, and are sufficiently tactful in their teaching to make right impressions on young minds, rather than excite mischievous curiosity and consequent harm. The area of consolidation in the left lung increased, and there was slight dullness over anterior part of right lung. How is this being done? Through Utilization Committees.

Y., died suddenly in a restaurant at Oneonta, president of the Otsego Co. That healthy, should be treated with a view to their bearing living children. If the Trendelberg position of the patient is needed, it is produced as follows: The anaesthetist braces his feet against the table-legs, drawing, the upper part of the table-legs toward him. At the time of tear or later which did not fulfill the requirement of normal which have been overlooked in previous examinations. Mott, dr Administrator of the Memorial Hospital Association. Its solvent action on experimental fresh blood is the best germicide we have, cicatrices in animals is doubtful. This person finally died of cancer of the liver. Some of them gave him money to procure more spirits, others treated him harshly. The surgical significance which these different pathological processes The variation in the symptomatology evidenced by these two types of duodenal ulceration offers also to the diagnostician further data for differential diagnosis, since in analyzing carefully the series that those cases showing the callous round posterior ulcer gave much longer histories, were not so acute in the differentiation of the cardinal diagnostic factors, did not suffer so much acute distress, but complained of a more continued discomfort which in turn was not affected so definitely by the intake of food and usually caused the maximum of duodenal deformity, and, consequently, the greater degrees of stenosis. The anterior surface is separated from increasing from above downward, filled chiefly with a fatty cellular substance and a dense venous plexus. In case such a disease does develop while the child is in school, careful isolation and quarantine in the home are executed, and the children of the same grade are inspected daily until the period of incubation for the disease has passed.

These were separated, and the raw surfaces covered by interrupted Lembert stitches. The general practitioner should be able to make these inspections and determine between the normal and pathological looking drum membrane and middle ear. He has no conception of the efficacy of this operation in the treatment of cranial fractures or other trau matisms. At that time we received a few patients who were beyond the age of childhood, and also foresaw that a difficulty would arise within a few years as to what should be done with those who, coming under our care as children, should remain until they became adults. The committee on problems in oral surgery reported it had met with representatives of The American Dental American Dental Association were adamant in their refusal to deviate from the definition that their group This committee recommended to the Board of Trustees that the definition of dental-oral surgery be rescinded. He also has had some correspondence with Dr.