Give a classification of wounds. Experiments were made with the two liquors on children, on horses and on"This was the first result of M. It is accomplished by the contraction of its circular and longitudinal muscular fibres. Stomach relatively very large; liver large, yellow, fatty; spleen small; kidneys, pancreas and intestines normal, bladder empty, vagina dilated, hymen absent, ovaries healthy, vmimpregnated uterus; slight abrasions like mucous ulcers Remarks. J, three times a day, and in the course of ten days the sore had healed, without, however, any touching of the gums, although some thirty pills had A change to the pil. On motion the Association adjourned till Thursday, at Reading of the minutes was dispensed with. Bradley thanks the society and says there has been much diphtheria in Detroit of late, but with it there were many cases that had many of the characteristics but were not diphtheria. These two roots unite into a very short trunk in passing through the intervertebral foramen and this mixed nerve divides almost immediately into two terminal branches. Towel," as first taught us by Dr. During a light wind, one to six miles per hour.


Pott's disease of the spinal column causes prominence of a single vertebral spine. The exploration logically has to start from the region of the tegmen tympani, and only in case of negative result, at a place remote from the aural focus. They are caused simply by the action of the powder on extravasated blood, and fail to reappear at the second or third dressing. The professional interest in the epidemic arises out of the controversy of the physicians in that city as to the true nature of the disease.

Whitney referred to the elaborate and delicate processes of analysis now used in Europe, which sometimes consume months, and stated that analysis of California waters is very After some desultory conversation the Academy adjourned. By virtue of membership in the county society the physician becomes a During the first half century of its existence, the American Medical Association was a rather loosely organized body.

The more recent one, which I believe was first used and advocated by me, is the active liquid," as it is variously called. Surgical Association contains a series of valuable surgical contributions. It acts as a tonic with the most marked effect upon muscular tissue generally, but more especially upon the stomach and bowels, remarkably increasing the tone and activity of the above secretion.

Blood is supplied to the organ by the utero-ovarian and uterine arteries, and it is innervated by branches from the mesenteric and Describe the uterus of the bitch.

Patients are admitted on orders from the Executive Committee. Differentiate cryptogamic forage poisoning from lead poisoning. - While the Internal al Medical Con it is possible the rank and tile of the profi ion ari being misled as to what was really expected of them York, containing the following statements in reply General of the Eighth International Medical Con gress, as to the"admissibility of homoeopaths:" Tin Physician Himself and whai hi Should fifth edition. The ends of the second bandage are secured to the bars at the level of the foot. The lawyer employed by such an associa tion would speedily acquire such a fund of medical knowledge that lie would he considered an expert in of coaching necessary to prepare for any given castas would be requisite in the case of a lawyer who had had no experience in such cases. The treatment of an individual patient, however, is not a matter of strictly controlled experiment to determine certain scientific facts; neither is it, a matter of percentages.