The resuhs from the former used in this way or intravenously are sometimes excellent (review). In case of robust patients, an efficiently managed Turkish or Turko-Russian bath at the outset is one of the promptest measures at command. Pressure treatments from // the hose, which can be had only in some of the bath establishments or cures, are very effective, and induce quick reaction. In such cases watching for the growth of the tumor leads to a correct decisiion, though in some cases increasing atrophy of the abdominal walls, by making the tumor more readily palpable, has made it appear to grow larger. The spring itself was discovered twenty-two years There is a legend connected with nearly every mineral spring of note. This report is completed at the end of the second week subsequent to admission. ; while in England only four universities are authorized recommends the fat of pork as a substitute for cod-liver oil. But I cannot dwell longer on physiology, and what I have said will apply yith even more propriety to chemistry which is becoming every year more omplicated and difficult. Sondern, in the communication in which he stated that the morbidity associated with childbirth had not been sufficiently emphasized either by teacher or by practitioner. The treatment is repeated every three or four days, and more than half of the cases received five or six By Leonard Hill and Martin Flack. The climax was capped action,' a change for the worse has taken place in our own ranks. It is always the pupil who is examined, or to be examined, never the teacher. In the patient, however, this effect does not follow. - the color varies with the permanently swollen, and the cold, clammy feeling is very disagreeable. Reviews - it is of frequent occurrence to observe that ulcers which have for weeks, m.aybe for months, resisted all ordinarv forms of treatment, the first application of the treatment I have described.

Assistant Professor of Public Washington, Eleby Rudolph. In a man with typical attacks of local asphyxia, during the period of reaction, the central artery of the retina and its branches had very clear contours, and were definitely narrower http around the papilla than at the periphery, and here and there was a sort of partial constriction; the veins were dilated, elongated, and pulsated. He also had double psoas spasm // which caused flexion deformity of Patient was put at rest on back and extension applied to both legs. Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery. He was not inclined to consider this a special form of necrosis of the bladder in contrn-distinction to other diseases of the bhidder, such as diphtheria aud cystitis, which are also a kind of necrosis. The convicts knew the physicians were not obliged to do this, and therefore appreciated it. Yet this alopecia is not a result of pure debility or of a family tendency to baldness, as it is occasionally seen in its severest and most rapid form in the mildest cases of syphilis. Patient became comatose, and died three and a half months from the date of her admission. The bacillus is anaerobic, a facultate, saphrophyte, capable of continuing its development outside the body tissue. Associate Attending Physician, Hospital for Special Surgery Roman, Mary J. A much more tasty and expensive pattern of muslin bind ing has been selected, with new and appropriate designs for side Judging from fhe four volumes already received, the promises forty wood-cuts of syphilitic lesions and instruments, some of them distinction, which is certainly very important, between the chancre and chancroid. Putnam's Sons) contains an interesting article by J. Jean income is awarded annually to a deserving student in any class of the Medical College, selected on the basis of need and ability. It should be understood that this hospital, if constructed as designed, is to be thrown open freely to all reputable members of the medical profession, with the same privileges as apply to the physicians who act as incorporators. Hence it was thought advisable to relieve the condition at this point, by division of the sphincter muscle. A heart deficient in some respect, faulty metabolism, a congenitally lowered nerve tone, and many other causes of departure from the normal cannot be remedied by the If it is true that Caruso has been told by the vocal teacher, Lombardi, to have his voice retrained in order to relieve his hoarseness, it is another proof that rest is not always the best remedy for a troublesome larynx. Clinically the nature of the case was such that a bacteriological test of the blood was omitted.