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Cases of nephritis are described below under" Complications Pain in the muscles, in the bones or in the joints occurs at various stages of typhus. In 100 preoperative procedures a combination of sedatives, analgesics, and an anti-emetic preparation is advantageous since it prevents excessive anxiety of the patient, and also facilitates induction of general anesthesia, and ease of administering local anesthesia and akinesia. Overproduction and excretion of ketone acids had probably been in progress for a prolonged period before she became critically ill. Inthe day, the guinea-pig lived nine weeks after the second inoculation; in another case in which the dose amounted to mx twice a day, the animal lived twelve weeks. - it is seen in those who have not a visible care in the world and from whom no inquiry can elicit a trace of secret sorrow.

Lloyd, the Medical Superintendent of the Lambeth Infirmary, for his courtesy and kindness in allowing me to visit the patient whilst under his care. Sangster called for the yeas and nays. - micliele Giuliani, Extraordinary Professor of Anatomy in the University of Rome.