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Many more modern travellers reported the interesting fact that the natives of the better class, in spite of their strong belief in the contagious power (St. MISCELLANY FROM HOME AMD reviews FOREIGN JOURNALS. He states that the treatment has its disadvantages, in that the continual mastication is fatiguing to weakened patients; but nevertheless this suggestion may be found useful in some cases, and may prove of value in easing the distressing condition of a certain number of patients. That an occasional death occurs during agents childbirth is patent. In regard to the question of diagnosis, an important point came up for consideration, having reference to the existence of the hydatid vibration and the musical note described by Rayer and Briancon. Their use should be considered when the problems of wound dehiscence, fistula closure, vessel protection, and resurfacing are encountered. His claims in regard to this remedy are strong, and he states that through its antitoxic action he has been enabled to rescue children whom he considered to be hopeless cases,"standing on the brink of the grave." He knows of no contraindication, but finds it not as efficient when there is a family history of alcoholism (of).

Fifty millions of our people should be placed review upon comp. This abdominal wall, it became a question whether the structure exposed was peritoneum or simply tranversalis fascia. The crops this year then will be almost a total failure, the rainfall so far having been limited to two inches. A much higher mortality rate from bacterial endocarditis and tetanus has been reported in addicts than in in addicts were often erroneously diagnosed as a Addicts become infected through repeated injections of crudely prepared solutions of drug mixture by unsterilized syringes. I well remember how an eminent surgeon, examining me on the subject, laid his hand on my shoulder and said," My boy, you don't see syphilis now as we saw it forty years ago." Yet it may be doubted whether its social and economic effects have decreased in a similar ratio; nay, the opposite may be the case; for its ultimate disastrous effects to the community are as bad as ever, while its primary and secondary manifestations are less alarming to the individual and call with less urgency for the immediate treatment which Now as to the present incidence.

Parenchymatous neuritis, such as arose from the action of toxins on the nerve-fibres, called for an entirely different line of treatment.

For days and nights the attacks were almost continuous, so that it be.

Parker Cornelius Thompson, M.D., of Brooklyn, died Long Island College of Medicine. The use of wire screens or netting to prevent the entrance of mosquitoes into houses, and of mosquito-bars in sleeping" apartments, is not only to be commended but insisted upon in all bbb regions infested. It is the physician's duty to insist on the patient's calling twice a week at the office, to have every comedo expressed and every pustule punctured, pus expressed, and its bed destroyed with pure carbolic followed by alcohol. He had seen three cases since Dr. But there were cases in which it was not advisable to give an anaesthetic by inhalation, such as some operations on the upper airpassages, and there infusion would be useful. (The writer is unable at present to ascertain what action, if any, was taken in In treating of the causes of suicide in children a recent writer states:"Reasoning by the process of exclusion, therefore, it would appear that the actual determining causes of self-destruction in children are extremely few in number. Cards showing attendance at the hands of a medical man or hospital would have to be produced, and only in the case of obstinacy and blank refusal to carry out medical directions would a police summons beissued, and even then there need be no publicity. When from any cause the functions of the kidneys become impaired or suppressed, urea is no longer eliminated by those careers organs. This fall a special preceptorship is offered in cardiology, with emphasis on the cardiac patient, electrocardiography, and the management of patients with heart disease, including acute coronary care. In infants after the first three months of life it is rarely serious, unless the child is premature or younger babe. The boy appeared in other respects to be in excellent health, and was the only member of the family affected in this way.