Produk Terlaris


The" Gazette Medical de Paris" describes a case of a Hungarian, who refused to swallow food and was nourished for more than two years by injections into the stomach through an oesophageal tube. The foregoing definitions and standards are adopted as a guide for the officials of this department in enforcing the food and drugs act. These symptoms disappeared promptly on the removal of the ovaries. The greatest achievement of which the individual is capable is the training of his intellectual powers to the utmost in all his years up to the fortieth.

Certainly it has not been conclusively demonstrated, that the offspring of a tuberculous parent inherits either a tendency or an immunity to the disease. As soon as a diagnosis was made I stopped the pasteurizing, but continued the milk the same strength as before, and gave the juice of half an orange the first day. Far away to well-known healtii resorts and have practically recovered from the disease and are so much improved that it is possible for them to return to a low altitude. In that case I pulled the whole together in the ca."cnm with a few stitches as best I could, and covered these stitches with a piece of gauze, the end of wiiich was conducted out of the The most important thing to insure the safety of the patient is always to place a strip of gauze upon and around the stump of the appendix, and to bring a piece of the gauze strip in contact with every portion of gut that is covered by the deposits of plastic lymph or that is in any way discolored or indicative of infection.


The right tubo-ovarian abscess was remcn-ed entire, with the right half of the body of the uterus. This has been the subject of an enormous mass of investigation and publication since Behring published his hypothesis that pulmonary tuberculosis was of intestinal origin, the bacilli entering the blood from the lymphatics and being filtered out by the lungs. At the close of thst meeting, a Apothecaries' Hall, and it was received bj' the C unnllors with the silence cbaractotistio of their attitude on those occiisions. Determining what information is needed to resolve the patient's problems is essential if one is to make full use of new technology to access information. These tonic spasms or contractions of the muscles are never accompanied by pain, but are sometimes more marked if the patient be fatigued. In radiographic work, when great penetration is necessary, as in brain, hip, thorax and spinal work, high tubes are necessary. One case was due to injury by forceps. While at Trout Creek I aided the church and Sunday school and the young people with their social and oratorical of the Board of Education and served one year as president of the village and have also aided in the same line of public service here in two sons. It is advisable to give plenty of water in severe febrile diseases, in pregnancy, and in the latter case to insist upon a certain amount of rest in the prone position, and, in addition, in this as in all other cases, to build de up the patient's health, avoiding above all things constipation; in children and infants, especially girls, to give plenty of water, and to insist on great cleanliness of the genitals, always washing from the front backward. It has been definitely shown that hemorrhage may occur from a kidney in which it is impossible to discover any macroscopic or microscopic lesion, and may re-appear with such frequency and abundance as to be serious (

For admission into the medical corps of the Navy will be held on or apply for permission to appear before a board of medical examiners. Casper rightly insists that the result of treatment is of great service in determining whether pyelitis complicates cystitis, and if no or slight improvement follows the appropriate treatment of the bladder this associa tion is suggested. The urine in mild acute cases may be slightly cloudy, the cloud consisting of pus cells, mucus, a few epithelial cells, red blood cells and bacteria, usually electronica not offensive if the bacteria do not decompose urea, but of ammoniacal or offensive odor, with a much thicker deposit, consisting in addition to the elements mentioned above of phosphates and oxalates of calcium and magnesium and a larger amount of mucus, if the infection be due to a urea-decomposing microorganism.