There is also an increase of firmness in the general substance of the organ, produced by recent inflammation, and which tends to preserve it longer very strikingly in cases of malignant small-pox, and in putrid fevers, where the brain has exhibited unusual freshness and firmness, at a period when putrefaction had made great advances in all other parts of the body. There is a difficulty in Avinding up the AA'atch, or in getting a teaspoon steadily to the mouth; a clumsiness in pinning two articles together, or a fatigue in holding up the dress.

Medical inspection may best be controlled by the department of health, especially as to communicable diseases, because it has specific authority, recognized by all the people and is ably supported by the laws of the States. Miss Louise Nisbet Hazlehurst, graduate of Telfair Hospital School of Nursing in Association, and a former Secretary and President of the Examining Board. On the other hand, we must remember that certain physical alterations in the surrounding tissues do not necessarily preclude hysteria; thus there may be some muscular wasting of the kind already described, some vaso-motor disturbances, as coldness, blueness, oedema of the limb by the side of the vertebras, are common in hysterical patients. In one case the patient lay for three days before a diagnosis could be made. (You see, our Auxiliary Commissioner of Health in this city said he had never for the medical Auxiliary to come along and do it. On that subject, it is, I think, impossible there can be two A Pharmacopoeia Britannica could only indeed be obtained by a solemn act of the Legislature. Unfortunately, much of the progress made at this time was lost to humanity in the middle ages. Faisans says that the attacks may follow acute hyperemia of the posterior fasciculi of the cord, resulting in intense congestion of theskin, with trophic disturbance of the smaller In this connection reference may be made to the interesting observations of Straus on tabetic ecchymoses: It lasted No consistent relationship was noted between the number of pregnancies a woman had and the amount of hair loss, nor did hair loss appear to increase with He graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, in at the time of his death, was chairman of the Constitution and Rules Committee of the Kansas Medical Society.

Tumors composed of cells which are immature and which cannot be differentiated well are highly malignant and are also radio-sensitive. In view of this elaborate procedure we are not surprised to read:" It would be clearly unjust to expect the trouble involved in the application of these tests to be taken by the hard-worked general practitioner without proper remuneration." Quite so: There are, therefore, few sanitary officers to-day who do not regard this fever as an exotic which may be excluded by suitable quarantine measures, but which, in the event of its introduction, may, under favorable protective conditions, survive the winter on the Gulf coast and reappear during the following summer without a fresh importation:

If the capacity of the sella is adequate, the hypertrophy of the pituitary is the sella be small for its contained pituitary, pressure on the gland results, and manifests Menstrual pituitary headache is apparently brought about by over stimulation of the thyroid in the following way. Hospital, you will vote for him."' A qualified consent was given to the proposal, but not sufficiently strong, it appears, to warrant. Jacob Wortman, who has made a careful study of the dentition of this curious reptile, states as follows:" The form of the crown is that of a long, slender, sharppointed cone, curved inward and backward. But it is difficult to separate the instinctive from the volitional An afferent impression from a sense organ to the spinal cord may give rise to an efferent impulse by a purely intra-spinal process. Cristiani (Jour, de Med., Exaggerated sexual desire is frequent in mania, and the early stages of general paresis, leading to venereal excesses, but oftener to masturbation.