It needs to be emphasized that there is all the difference between action and evacuation of the bowels.

Many valuable suggestions can be found in this volume by a cursory examination, and one specially interested in the subject can do no better than to study this volume carefully. These practical applications of knowledge to the dietetic matters of common life form a strong p.jint in Ur. The copious liberation of oxygen taking place at the terminal blind end of the sinus loosens and drives out through the drain the foreign body or bodies previously inaccessible.

It has appeared to many, however, that it is possible to abuse the privilege of cutting into malignant tumors before extirpating them. The sub-mucous and muscular tissues of the bladder wall were somewhat infiltrated: In this case the lung was quite silent. In proper dilution, Listerine may be freely and continuously used without prejudicial effect, either by injection or spray, in all the natural cavities of the body. The duration is from two to six months. We must also treasure in mind, certain relations between the splanchnic and intracranial vessels. After the operation, however, he got rest for four nights. The general advice was to sew up the wound in the uterus, and let nature take its course; but Mr. The scrotum was then pinched up between finger and thumb, in the usual way, so as to include the veins and exclude the vas deferens; it was then notched with a scalpel, and through the opening thus made a needle bearing a medium-sized twisted silk ligature (previously soaked for about an hour in the same carbolic solution) was passed. Excessive fermentation occurs as a result of the insufficient digestion of cellulose and gives rise to the symptoms of" fermentative intestinal abnormal quantity of organisms reaches the intestines and the connective tissue of meat is insufficiently softened, so that protein and fat are protected from the digestive juices in the small intestine and reach the colon in excess, where they are liable to undergo putrefaction.

Fistula by puncture is sufficient; in old empyema, however, or when a fistula is in existence already, generally the resection of a rib is necessary.

At the same time it is certain that many such enlargements give rise to no serious symptoms, as do tuberculous glands elsewhere ( When in the army, whether in Algiers or Senegal, he always enjoyed the best of health in localities where numbers were dying double flannels in the hottest countries. Two smears should always be sent to the laboratory. It is essential to use a needle with a trocar.

The Lomb Prizes will be awarded as follows: I. Alcohol, lead and arsenic are the chief exogenous poisons causing polyneuritis, but mercury, copper, zinc, silver, phosphorus, carbon bisulphide, ether and aniline compounds can produce the same result ( Graves' disease or Basedow's disease.

Dissolve two grains of the "" extract of opium, which has been dissolved before, in three ounces of water, and if you choose, add a very small quantity of lycerine, have that converted into a spray and reathe into the lungs.

Disease of the kidneys is an important complication in a certain proportion of cases. He then glanced at the history of the operation, which was, indeed, the history of the origin of the principle of conservatism in this department of medical science; and concluded by saying that the aims of aural surgery, whether exhibited in simple incision of congested tissue, or in the more pretentious operation of paracentesis of the membrana tympani, were to prevent and to preserve, and that it was misapplied if employed for no novelty, as it was merely an extension of the plan of cutting through the membrana tympani when fluid was effused into the tympanic cavity. Here we find an undoubted necessity for higher education of a compulsory character, but it must be quite separated from mechanical dentistry, and hence arises a complication. We maintain, and shall show, that just these apparently favorable surroundings incapacitate him from doing the most good to students: