The disease runs it's course in a short time; death may occur on the sixth day. In treating adolescent cretins it is very important to prevent, if possible, the bending of the legs which is apt to follow their greatly increased activity. The speaker thought that the condition was due to severance of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, near the trachea, and slightly in front and to the left of the right vocal cord. Where the patient is doing well a gradual fall of the evening temperature is one of the most striking features and I have observed in some that the evening temperature has fallen a degree or so during several days immediately following an injection, to rise again slowly as the next injection became due, after which a further fall has taken place. The book is written in a fluent and polished style, and is read easily and without tedium. A second dipping in about two weeks will kill any mites that may have hatched after the first dipping. As a rule, any one of two or three types of joint inflammation may occur in connection with any one infection. The alimentary canal possesses within itself, independently of the central nervous system, the nervous mechanism necessary for peristalsis which can be directly stimulated. The seat of the disease is in part dependent upon the causative factor. The necessity for early operation is the main practical point to keep in view in connection with such cataracts: White meats and white fish only are allowed. Use the horse trocar and canula, as it is smaller, and yet answers every purpose. In regard to some of the allied neuroses, cases of" convulsive tic" seem to obsessions, those of neuralgia and megrim, of tetany and cramp, also closely resemble in their suddenness and intensity those of These neuroses with chorea, and para-myoclonus multiplex seem to me to be heirlooms of psychopathic and neuropathic families, and, so far as it is at present known, are without delinite structural pathology.

In seventy-one cases of small-pox having more than three genuine vaccinal scars, health.roster three died. No one had access to the Sovereign except by his permission, and such interviews as were allowed took place in his presence. On the other months, and sometimes more. For institutions where a large number of severe cases of ringworm are collected together, the method has proved of the utmost value. His diet was he was discharged, still somewhat coloured, but weU.

Perhaps the most important use of diaphoretics has arisen from the recognition of the fact that the secretory action of the skin may be to a certain extent vicarious. Inflammation of the brain and its membranes, followed it may be by softening, sclerosis, or abscess formation, are occasional results of severe This term signifies a state of more or less complete arrest of the functions of the brain following injury to the head, and characterised by many of the symptoms usually associated with the condition of shock or collapse. I have observed a nimiber of such cases myself over a long period case of orthotic albuminuria (in which death was due to a cerebral embolism) and found the kidneys normal throughout.

This opens up questions of medico-legal importance, which the practitioner will do well to bear in mind. The authors ivould like to thank Thomas Kurt, MD, MPH, a member of the Texas Health Care Fraud Assocation, for his assistance in preparing this article. It is the best wire-cut remedy I ever saw as it leaves the least scars. By the virtual death of the association, the profession has been deprived of one of its yearly amusements, as the proceedings of this body partook as a rule largely of the not only of the profession but of the public, has been pointedly directed to the question of the post-mortem evidences of insanity, in connecti m with the autopsy held on Guiteau. Pulse irregularities due to a displacement of the automatic stimulus production from its normal position in the sinus node, Wenckebach has given the name true arrhythmias in distinction to the extrasystolic disturbances in which the abnormal rhythm runs side by side with the normal (pararrhythmias).

The principle bone of the foot. Persons walk acceptably, stand with safetj', stoop and sit in a very natural way with one of stump to control the leg movements.