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Eighty fresh cases were admitted yesterda into the hospitals of the Metropolitan Asylums Boaro scarlet fever are now under treatment in these hospital The mortality, however, continues very low. The top of the ilium was blown away, and the muscles attached to it were much lacerated. The doctor's"goods" are his knowledge, not mere theoretical knowledge, but erfahrungen the knowing of anything and everything that etjucunde. Where I found thofe of Linden evidently wrong, I have endeavoured With regard to the materia medica, the notes are drawn chiefly from Pliny and Diofcorides, whom I efteemed the beft authors on that article, When I have given Englifh names to any of the fimples, I follow the mod judicious moderns; though it muft be remembred, that many of Through mod of the compositions the text is miferably corrupted; and what is worfe, I don't find, that by comparing the various editions this part can be reftored. He explains that he does not mean to write against puncture of the brain in general, but only against its indiscriminate and careless use. Bathe the part well with hot reviews water three times a day, wipe dry and apply a strong liniment each time after bathing, and the bones after a time will unite. Now Nice and Cannes are wide awal and realize their needs, whereas Mentone is half aslee in reference to this vital matter, and may therefore fai much worse than some of her competing neighbors. Administration of the compound and of;ind rabbit the eliminalion of uric acid was less high when separate allanloin, a substance formed from uric acid with the compound, seems to show that the combination favours the excretion of uric acid, but does not favour the formation of allantoin from uric acid. On introducing the requisite coin, ten litres of water, heated by a" geyser," is given forth at a minimum temperature of The cholera may be said now to be epidemic, or at least present, in all the seaboard cities of Northern Europe which lie in the route taken by the Russian refugees on their way to this country and England. The ont that Wyer naed for Boorde is on the title-page of Barnes's And of other Ilondes I hauo shewed my mynd; After my conscyence I do wryte truly, Although that many men wyl say that I- do lye; But for that matter, I do greatly pas,: The effect of the whych no wyse man wyll- depell. The limiting factor to the administration of a carcinolytic dose of roentgen ray to the uterus, or to any anatomic cavity malignancy, depends on the external radiation in conventional manner. Flowers occasion pleasurable sensual feelings, which it is obvious did not escape Solomon's observation, as witness the Song of Solomon:"And my hands dropped with myrrh and my fingers with sweet-smelling myrrh upon the handles of the lock." According to Most, sensual young peasants excite chaste girls by carrying handkerchiefs in their axillae while dancing and then wiping the perspiring faces of their partners with them. It would undoubtedly set up a far reaching tax system with great increase in the cost of government. There is alfo another peculiarity to be regarded, which is that of place and feafon, according to thefe authors themfelves; cold, heat, fatiety, labour, and venery, in fickly places places, if they have any fenfe of weight hanging upon the ftomach by vomiting, nor the belly by purging. It was seated chiefly upon the lobes and rims abundantly, upon the face and backs of the fingers. Pounds of Sugar, two Ounces of Cinnamon, four Corns of whole black Pepper, a little Mace and afterwards pafs all through a draining Bag, four times, and if it does not pa(s freely, you may add a Wine Glafs of Milk, which will fooQ facilitate its pafling. Simple act of being courteous is the key If you- will listen and observe (playing the detective for a while) the manner in which women comment on their purchases; if you will analyze the ways of clerks and customers in other stores, you will have the value of courtesy You will find that when you have the courteous clerks picked out, that the service given and the treatment received often amounts to more than the quality and price of the article purchased.

If the calf is in pain give: Tincture of Laudanum, i teaspoonful. It is quickly destroyed by desiccation, as first determined by Koch, who found that it did not grow glass cover. Made in the study of cancer and its treatment. The laboratory report on specimen of this case was the same as in the second case, placenta accreta. The importance of this subject and the intense interest manifested in it by pharmacists throughout the country, shows how thoroughly ahve NOTES is to the interest of its readers and to the profession of pharmacy. To pass it into the horse, stand at the left side, pass the left hand up into the sheath, get hold of the penis and gently draw it down so the end shows below the sheath; near the center of the penis will be seen the opening (2015).

He practiced for a time in Carroll County, Old Rich Hill.

When the prefent jdanger is removed, we muft return to thofe things, which have been prefcrjbed before. If it removes with difficulty, drop a few drops of the Cocaine solution into the eye (see Operations, erfahrung Horse Department).