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Out of the ninety-five operations done in this hospital to January ist, I put only three grown people to sleep and they requested me to do it. On this point he thought that their German friends had- much erred, and caused others to err. Y., have been appointed as consulting surgeons to the New York State Hospital for the Care of Crippled and Deformed Children, at Tarrytown, N.

Goldsmith, Septimus Jesse, Bombay Army. These measures are thermic, mechanical, and chemical. Aycock, which was published after his death. This may be accounted for by a lessening of the virulence of influenza, by better paving of streets, and by a more careful oversight of water and milk supply. In all cases, however, frequent estimastions should be made between the size of the head and that of the pelvis and the induction of premature labor affirmed or negatived in accordance therewith.

The Supreme Court of the District of Columbia decided that the bequest should go to the Young Women's Christian Home, and the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, on the other hand, that the next of kin of the son were entitled. They can't stand the altitude (uk). This donation will be a very valuable addition to the library. But in certain cases the different germinal points take on a certain the resulting cleft. He recommends diets containing a sufficiency of bulk, alkaline ash, carbohydrates, protein, mineral, vitamins and water. Allison Hodges Moved and seconded that the business session be brought to a close. The skin is dry and keratotic.

The report on his nose by Doctor Culbert showed a deviation of the septum, middle turbinates enlarged, and the right undergoing polypoid degeneration: Palpation of the abdomen shows tenderness on pressure in the epigastric region. She made no mention of this fact, either to me or to the house physician, and there was nothing in her condition to show it. Because of his operative method, Park and McClure doubt that any of his thymectomies were complete, thus vitiating his conclusions. Coupons - china needs doctors; first of all for meeting and solving her problems of public health; to meet the sanitary reqtiirements of her economic development; for her army and navy; for teachers; and for civil practice. He would often enter the office despondent and exhausted, and leave, laughing and dancing like a schoolboy, ready for a long walk home. When it is thought best to permit meat to be added to the diet, the patient should be allowed eggs and oysters, and occasionally a meal of fresh fish. This group is composed of twentyseven cases. There is also a condition known as hydrops antri, in which there is a constant and often annoying secretion of mucus, whieli escapes through the hiatus semilunaris, and causes discomfort by the constant dripping from the nose. The consequence of this laxity is that New York is flooded with so-called trained nurses, w-ho, attracted thither by the inducement of large wages, follow their calling, to the injury of the general public and of the really competent nurses. Sterilized clay was inoculated, under proper precautions, with the bacilli of typhoid, diphtheria and tuberculosis. A copy of the booklet will be sent free by the publishers to our readers who mention the "" New York Mkdical Journal.