These, history itself shows, are quite as natural checks, (though apparently of a political nature), as those alluded to which are Secretary of the Board of Health. Sponsored by: ICCME can help you build a highquality CME program, worthy of accreditation, to help your colleagues satisfy the new Illinois How to Start a CME Program and Informal consultation by our staff The Illinois Hospital CME Consultation Service HEARTBEAT, a monthly medical publication for laymen, suj)ported by the Heart Fund of the available to any MD who requests it. The case reported by Wynn is especially interesting, as it adds one more to the number of infections that apparently have been successfully treated with a specific vaccine "online" prepared from the infecting organism. Intermixed with the Boloki towns on the Congo River are other towns belonging to a hinterland people well known to us as The Boloki folk have very hazy ideas about relationship, and scarcely any two will give the same name to all the relatives, and, moreover, if you take a list of the names of relations from a young man and put it away for six months, and then ask the same lad about the same relations in the same order as before, with your list in front of you, he will give you another set of names that will not tally with your first one in several points. - the eye grounds shewed nothing, though an expert did not examine them. To sustain the system, girls are credibly informed that means are not unfrequently made use of to hasten the period.

In cases of renal varix, nephrotomy is the operation of choice, because it allows a thorough examination of the kidney, and also for the reason that it accomplishes exactly what the operation of ligation does in the treatment of varicosities in other parts venous radicles of the kidney and in this way destroys the varicosities.

They may, and undoubtedly do, in part account for the actual increases in the numbers of patients, but they leave the ratios borne by cancerous to non-cancerous The view that there has been a definite and disproportionate increase in cancer at The Middlesex Hospital receives further (but indirect) support from a consideration of the ratios obtaining between the cancer admissions and the general admissions. In two other cases, the hand and head wejre returned before "" the discharge of"waters." such cases delivery by the forceps; children born alive in five. Health care delivery as a rural III.

It has been his experience to see a number of cases which confirm this view, and he puts on record the final history of the five cases he reported five years ago, and adds a number of others. Cups should be applied over the bite and should he made to draw with force as recommended also in the case of a mad dog hite.

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