Alluded to the beneficial effects of"the remedy for cough." Without being at all aware of the nature of the agent, or of the purpose for which it was employed, she had a strong sense of its remedial power. There is less range of daily temperature and the midday heat is tempered by an ocean breeze. Physical examination showed a tumor of the rignt testicle, the size of an orange, soft and even semifluctuating in consistence, symmetrical in shape. Except for slight fibrous tissue changes in the submucosa, there was no difference from the normal. His leg was fractured and later he before death contained no trypanosomes upon microscopic examination (Dr. If the inflammation is of rheumatic origin, the salicylates or aspirin prove valuable. Though it is not impossible that the tearing of the tissues may extend through the pleurae, one or both, such an event is very unlikely and of doubtful occurrence: review. Effectual Remedy for Prolapsus Recti. Two of the dogs died during an ether anesthesia; a third took ether well and recovered from a gastrostomy. But on whatever basis these assertions rest, there is amjjle evidence to show they are A specimen of the wholesale way in which the author sometimes writes, come under the head of general medicine, each lesion of the fundus of the eye allows us to affirm the existence of a like lesion in the meninges, or of the cord is the seat of the disease. Of course such a remedy can only be temporary; no kind of treatment can be expected to cure organic lesions from which dilatation results, and it follows Works, states that, following the recommendation of Dr. But if the prism be carried before the opposite eye, its base and axis in transported, in imagination, with tlie prism), the images will be further prism is placed, the l)ase over the false image and its axis parallel with a right line drawn through the true and false image, and which, thus placed, fuses these images; and that, if the i)rism be thus i)laced liofore the sound eye, the images will be separated.' The reason for this is as follows: We know by experiment that site the central is the true and most distinct image; and that the faLse image is or quadrant in which is located the paralyzed muscle.

But the former had become soft, flaccid, and painless; it was a little larger than a walnut, and evidently fluid; while the scrotal tumor had acquired a of the testis, lying in the scrotum a little below the ring, and surrounded by a small quantity of fluid. The same objection is to be offered against posterior and anterior nerveroots, instead of the more exact dorsal and ventral. Close of the century which has thrown a flood and incurable, is tliat of internal secretions, and especially the role of the secretion of the thyroid gland.

I think any of the fruit wines will do in place of the spirits and water, by adding alcohol one-half pint. Then get a few grains of strychnine, having a little fresh it, for if hcldT)y the fingers they will smell them and not eat Put these on a plate where they frequent, but not near their holes, laying a piece of paper over the meat; when these are eaten put more, for three or four days, and you are soon them away alive, take potash pulverized, and put quite plenty of it into all their holes about the house If tlie potash is pulverized and left in the air, it becomes pasty; then it can be daubed on the boards or planks, where they come through through their holes. Carbuncle situated on the lower lip; rather aii unusual place.

At the close of the demonstration, which included illustrations of socalled psychic blindness and psychic deafness, as well as the more common exhibitions of the influence exercised by the hypnotist, and which was watched and listened to throughout with marked interest. This female, who died at the age of twenty-nine years, had never menstruated. This was borne In the second experiment of Ricketts' series larger numbers of was found that the eggs alone, without the addition of antibody, were capable of preventing lysis. There were also about fifteen volunteer papers presented by members, which we may be able to notice again hereafter.

It is remarkable how frequently the submaxillary gland was common and easy portal of entrance for tuberculosis in the case of the growing hog. Upon examination the left side of the jaw appeared much smaller than the right, and the integuments about the chin (on the same side) were much more closely connected with the bone, than is usual. Here the vasomotor changes were manifest at once in the redness. The tests follow: The tests for the strippings follow: Test of entire milk, strippings included. The inoculation of very susceptible animals, such as mice, rats, monkeys, dogs, or guinea-pigs, will help in making a diagnosis in some of the cases or on some occasions when trypanosomes are extremely sparse in the peripheral blood. Hunter's pupils, a patient retained the placenta thirteen days, and in another eleven days, to be expelled in a state of putrefaction. Apply freely to surface pains, or it may be taken in tea-spoon doses for internal-pains, and repeat recording to necessities. Belladonna is undoubtedly useful in this form of dyspepsia, though its beneficial action is less decidedly beneficial than that of opium. Chaplin goes out of his way to discredit the testimony of the one medical man who sacrificed his position and prospects in life to the noble ideals of unflinching truth and sympathetic devotion to the welfare of his patient. The surface colony on agar-agar is medium-sized, soft, moist, circular, elevated, smooth, convex surface and regular border, semi-transparent, white by reflected light and pale-brown by transmitted light. Movable with the gland, and is the seat of a sharp lancinating pain, which is most severe The breast' is slightly larger than its fellow, and the nipple is retracted, but the skin covering the gland is of a natural color, and there is no enlargement of the subcutaneous veins or of the axillary glands.