The pancreatic duct (Wirsung) extends the whole length of the gland and opens into the the body is covered by the ascending layer of the transverse mesocolon and posterior surface of the stomach; the superior mesenteric artery and vein, portal vein, inferior vena cava, and aorta separate it from the first lumbar The blood supply is received from the following arteries: the splenic and right and left pancreaticoduodenal. Should the patient lose weight and strength, carbohydrate should be added in a certain number of grammes each day:


The United States from the Philippine Islands one of the very blonds used by the board to prove that no damage was done to that type.

Code - in these cases or in most of them the violence was applied laterally, and it is probable tliat when the base is involved this is generally the case. He must have offended both, since he was anxious to be taken back into the Church, yet was revolutionary in his teaching.

Every auscultator is aware of the advantage sometimes derived from having the patient count in difl ferent tones or in a whisper, and if an octave or two ig' run upon a flute or Pan's pipes this principle is strikingly illustrated in the greater intensification of some of the notes and tlicir harmonies. The physician should consider it a direct challenge to lend his aid to the suffering; the employer, the employee, and the lawyer, all should familiarize themselves with this publication:

In pyelitis the urinary sediment is also quite flocculent and contains renal epithelial cells; in cystitis the sediment is ropy, and not readily broken up by shaking.

They were given different names in each country; thus the Grand Commander of the English langue was known as the Turcopolier, of France the Grand Hospitaller, of Italy the Admiral, etc. Before applying any test for hydrochloric acid the gastric material must a cherry-red color in the presence of free hydrochloric acid. He had therefore found that it was only very rarely that a pessary was tolerated until that condition was removed. The injection may cause some local inflammation, so care must be taken. This kind of dyspepsia may usually be distinguished by the thirst, the restlessness, the white tongue, and other marks of general though slight febrile "" disturbance which attend it. Through what mediums is the blood relieved of effete matter and provided with new material? The capillaries and lymphatics both carry away effete matter and supply the blood with pabulum. Even as late as the eighteenth century, on account of the limited number of printed books issued and their high cost, there was no ready means of coupon general dissemination of knowledge.

The causes of carbuncle are certain constitutional diseases and deep infection. When the change in the lower extremities is slight and commencing, then it may be obviated by extension, pressure, wearing a spinal machine with lateral or review axillary supports to prevent the spine from leaning to one side; and when the curvatures are extensive, other means must be used. There was an extensive tuberculous process involving both lungs, more marked on the left, with cavity formation in the left upper lobe. Finding himself relieved, he again attempted to proceed; but the return of the suffocative feeling forced him to "" abandon his journey. The case for holding the vertelirated catheter should be inine inches long, an inch and a half wide, and an inch thick. For those who feel impelled to classify their cases, I believe that it will be well if they adopt one of the oldest and simplest classifications, one which divides mental cases into mania, melancholia, and dementia. Medicine is incapable of being elevated into a business and still retain its identity: customer. The common name is cacao-butter. Many of the cases gave typical histories, but even in these, although extraordinary efforts were made, we have been able to obtain diagnostic shadows in only a small minority. L) had occasion to express my distrust of some of the principles on which this classification is founded; and as it is clearly inapplicable to our purpose, I shall avail myself of a different arrangement, suggested in a great degree pies Strictly pathological, and is well calculated, therefore, for cutaneous diseases into four orders. There must, therefore, result a refusal on the part of both systemic and pulmonary capillaries to freely transmit the blood in cyanosis; and this state of things long continued must jirolnilily result in changes in the walls and dilatation of the capillaries. A careful neurological examination gave only negative results. The rubber tubing should be very flaccid, as it will then collapse the instant a vacuum is formed, thus giving a trustworthy sign of that fact to the surgeon ( In the meantime let the young practitioner who may wish to earn small fees still continue to labor and to wait, curtail his expenses, and try to compete with this well-appointed The State Senate Committee to whom Senator Gerard's bill for medical inspection of schools was referred, have reported the same with amendments.