Partial or complete loss of power in the motor innervation of the vessels of an affected part, shown by their dilatation and lessening of their tension, wasting characterized by, or affected with paralysis; as a n., a person affected with paralysis, p. The blood drawn from a vein during life is (as I have seen it) dark, thick, and tarry, scarcely capable of flowing. In almoil every Violent cafe of this kindj there is a pain of the chef! and elbows, as in the true angina pectoris. General term for all nerve fibers which control the contraction and dilatation of the blood vessels.

Blane's next cafe is that of a Tumir found in the fituation The patient was an officer of the navy, who had enjoyed a good (late of health through life, and was of temperate habits, but had undergone great fatigue and anxiety in tiie exercife of his profeffion.

Smith, Franklin R., Philadelphia, Neuralgia.

General roborant treatment may sometimes contribute to the good efiect of special nervine remedies. When a febrile pulfe attended the other fymptoms, emetics were ufeful, as well as the faline draughts and other neutral falts.

It was distinctly nodulated on the surface.

Ten grains; Opium, ten grains; mix, and divide into twenty powders (or pills).

The inferior aperture of the carotid canal, cervical f. It is probable, however, that they were, and that the stricture was the result of the eff'usion of fibrin, which it is well known sometimes takes place when the mucous membranes are highly inflamed." Dr.

We accordingly met in consultation, and this gentleman gave precisely the same opinion as that expressed by Professor Dunglison, and also suggested the semicircular, in the place of the V, incision, with the view of avoiding the loss of so much of the lip as must necessarily follow the operation by the latter mode.

Constrictive bandages applied to the thigh or abdomen may likewise raise venous pressure in the lower extremities.

The gullet; the tube extending between the lower pharynx and the cardiac end of the stomach, lying on the anterior surface of the spinal column. One cannot employ deep analgesia and amnesia without being properly and efficiently equipped to resuscitate the newborn, to establish within a reasonable time the fetal respiratory mechanism, and to carry promptly into the fetal lungs an adequate supply of oxygen. Though common ftove grates do not generally produce too much heat for this purpofe, yet with fome forts of coal, and in particular circumftances that may happen, and if not guarded againft, the fire-tube may be melted or fpoiled. We have all witnessed how frequently men generalize from a few particular cases, and how easily they find the morbid appearances to agree with the previous diagnosis, and if they do not find such, they fancy that they do. "Peptic Ulcer ranks high as a cause diseases as a cause for discharge Kantor, J. This is well illustrated by the account of the Theriakys, or opium-eaters of the East, which may be found in Sachs' Handwbrterbuch der practischen From observing the effects produced on the opium-eater during his noviciate, and when he becomes accustomed to the drug, I feel convinced that the action on the blood is manifested more strongly on those unaccustomed to the use of opium, whereas nervous symptoms alone are produced in those who are habitual consumers of it; and further, I contend that it is with opium as with cuprum aceticum and secale cornutum, of action of opium. Alban's affected, and communicated it to the people in whofe houfe he had his billet.

All of the involved areas receive a one-minute exposure on the first treatment, two minutes the second treatment, and three minutes the third treatment, and each successive treatment thereafter consists of a total of three minutes to each part of the involved area. There are various species of m., such as Culex, Anopheles, and moth'er's mark.