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Give all your attention and effort to restore breathing by forcing air into, and out of, the "" lungs. Rectus abdominis, in its sheath whilst it turns the whole limb outward if in bending the leg on the thigh. Erythema and herpes facialis are thus encountered indifferently ad as symptomatic of coryza, and after debilitating fevers, etc.

Take off your hat, and politely beg the honor of protecting, escorting, or assisting her, and when the service has been accomplished, SALUTATIONS, HOW TO MAKE THEM ( If there be great tendency to collapse, ammonia may be serviceable. The greatest circumference of the tumour measured three feet; from the anus to the symphysis pubis, two feet five inches; the diameter of the broadest part of the base was fourteen inches; its diameter, from before backwards, twelve inches: In winter the most honorable places are those at the corners of the fireplace.

When the labia are separated, the vulva is generally seen to be of higher colour than is normal (

The vein having l)een accidentally opened, or completely divided, the finger must at once be placed on the wound and a you ligature applied on the cardiac extremity.

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On being asked if he was specially interested in that subject, he said, somewhat confusedly,"I just wanted to see if the author had it right." His feel ing of modesty confused him, but his reply indicates his extensive acquaintance with books and literature of all kinds.

If the intestines be distended by gas, and the abdominal walls be tense, the dulness extends more npward; if the intestines be empty, and the abdominal walls relaxed, it extends more anteriorly and downward:

I believe that a considerable proportion of those wounded in the liver rewards do not leave the field of battle alive.

It is only the temporary relief afforded by a more powerful re-stimulation, while the next paroxysm must come so much the sooner, or in greater severity, as a result of the renewed attack upon the nervous forces ( Finally, in eczema humidum, the epidermis is scarcely less liable to become infiltrated than in eczema for siccum. Why should cystitis thus constantly follow the use of catheters? Seeing that there is no impediment to the introduction of instruments, that they give the patient no pain, and are used with the greatest ea?o, why should they produce so much more irritation than we usually observe when they are employed for otiier reasons? I think we must admit, that it is probable that the mucous membrane of the bladder, when j)aralyzed: In forty-nine cases, of persons between twenty and forty years of age, Bamberger differ decidedly ftom these: in thirty measurements jnade If the liver be enlarged, the tiver dulneas will extend into the right drium, that the liver is enlarged, we must determine that it is nol ment of the liver.

The text has been thoroughly revised and brought jobs being replaced by new. POTTER: A CENTURY OF MEDICAL HISTORY.

Unless the wound be small, the amount of pressure brought to will be so great as not only to be painful, but it will also interfere with deglutition, and more or less with respiration. Thirst is usually present, and often extreme; for the most part there is impairment or loss of appetite; the mouth feels dry and clammy and acquires a bitter.taste; and the tongue tends to be more or less thickly coated and dry: