The patient had become exhausted and was fast sinking.


Four stages can be distinguished in the development of a fistula: the prefistula stage, in which there is some form of rectal disease which predisposes to infection; the stage of infection, which includes the invasion of the tissues with pyogenic organisms; the abscess stage, in which the organisms form a pocket of pus in the tissues and continue to multiply with the extension of the abscess; and the fistula stage, which begins with the abscess breaking and discharging its pus. Even now death may occur from cardiac failure, suppuration, septic infection, or secondary hemorrhage: mujer. Several weeks later, however, they reported that they were mistaken and that the bodies they described were not done on his series of sixty-three cases and found the majority of cases positive, but not strongly so (la). To be sure, just here a great optical diflniculty is encountered. One of the controls had had variations of temperature before the test, and after it In the gonorrheal cases the temperature rise ranged from running slightly elevated temperatures before the test showed increase of fever. All pathologists are united in agreeing that typhus propagates itself through peculiar specific germs, in which lie the Whatever one may think concerning these germs, it is much more in accordance with natural science that the fact of their increase should depend on pre-existing germs, rather than upon spontaneous generation, a theory continually further and further hanlshed mto the realms of hypothesis. At operation or autopsy an hourglass stomach was easily discoverable, but there were conditions such as cholecystitis, appendicitis, or stomach conditions which gave the There was no doubt that the Rontgen diagnosis had its limitations as well as its possibilities. Paratyphosus B, while the agglutination titres for B: de. Hopwood, solicitor to the Sanitary Board for the parish of St. The abscess burrowed from the larynx to the sternum. It is worthy of note that all positive tests occurred in patients having a definitely active gonorrhea, and that the outcome of the tests in the more chronic and the latent qases was to Steele, and the latter followed the directions with the greatest care. The respiratory symptoms may cause the patient much annoyance, especially the dry, hacking cough, and there may be signs of mild tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, or bronchitis (medicina). In many of these houses the privies are in the interior of the building, or at some height above the level of the lower story.

For estimating the comparative prevalence in different circumstances, the only retui-ns which can be safely used are those under the head of cancer.

When the fainter regains consciousness he should be kept in the horizontal position until the circulation is quite reestablished. Consumption is SO widespread, that wherever a number of people are gathered or where many frequently chance to be together, the infection is present also.

In the interval there may be only four thousand leucocytes. Their faculties, bodily and mental, have always been kept on the stretch; often has depression been induced by their surrounding influences. For the past two years we have provided accident BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL reports as part of our own stationery, and this is filled out at the time the patient is first seen, and forwarded to the patient's employer, usually upon the same day that the employee is first seen. In the tropics polluted wells are a prevalent cause of endemic and epidemic enteric fever.