Articles which may be contaminated and which cannot be cleaned by cloths dampened in a suitable disinfectant, should be removed from the patient's vicinity: Three of his daughters are already emulate the virtues and the successes of his father in the same noble partial rearrangement of the matter has taken place, and with consider able advantage. I have tried to show that this coagulation may be powerfully assisted by the coagulation of blood in the tied artery, extending into the mouth of the sac, but it does not seem that such extension of clot from the seat of ligature is a necessary condition of cure.

Theotlier Corporation.s incorporate it iu their scheme, or by their action iiL-ske it graduation, such as exist in Scotland. In his own practice he uses a Beck's electrical apparatus with a Politzer's bag and a sound of silver covered with rtibber. I have no doubt that here the repeated attacks of cholecystitis were due to the moveable kidney, of deep jaundice; Urag, one with adhesions between the transverse colon?nd the gall-bladder; and many other observers have found conditions varying from temporary attacks of jaundice to cholelithiasis and obliteration of the gall-bladder, due to a moveable right Iddney. Cannot Nature, then, under proper conditions, reconstruct the tissues of the liver? I places by different operators, in the median line both of Philadelphia, to my surprise, used a median incision below umbilicus, but had to make a second incision above umbilicus, in order to find omentum, and hence does not recommend the lower incision. Besides giving information about tho shape, attachments and consistence of growths, e.specially of small swellings on the turbinated bodies, it is indispensable for ascertaining the reflex irritability of the diflerent intra-na.sal structures. Phillips, New York; treasurer, Ewing W. In addition to the regular given by Truman W.


The convulsions occur on an necessary to overcome the tendency to convulsions; then the patient's sleep is fitful and he grunts or moans almost continually. Its pigmented appearance would indicate a melanotic condition, while the rapid, growth suggesited the sarcomatious Dr. Dube said he observed a large number of hypertrophic spleens were present serious disorders caused directly by the affection.

The respiratory and cardiac system showed pupils were equal and active, and slightly dilated. Further, there is a great need to lessen the work of the heart in cardiac disorders by restricting the amount of fluid ingested.

If therefore, dear reader, you are desirous of healing your sick body you must use various applications, one for instance to act upon the upper part, another on the lower part, or one that will work on the whole body, and you will be able to see how each and all work upon the whole system even when directed upon individual parts; and further that these applications must not be used always of the same power. The condition, in short, while common in India, does occur in other parts of the world. Wlien it comes to the question of insurance, we have our own Mutual BeneTOlents, our Foresters, the sweet odor of Christ around them? It is Iiard to be an exile, even for one who, in his fatherland, has risen above the attractions of home and country. So long as the government profits largely by the sale of liquor, so long will alcoholism be prevalent. Under these conditions alone aconitine becomes, as Prof.

I however warn every one against the use of salves or other external remedies; there is but one efPectual means of getting rid of it, and that is to purify the blood. "However," added the energetic lady,"we must not complain too much. It is also his duty to advise the family when restraint by means of a commitment as an Insane person is necessary, or when a committee is necessary to take charge of the affairs of a person incapable of managing them through insanity or other causes (pharmacy). It is not so long ago that operations were performed under a carbolic spray. At this hospital, the address was delivered by Dr. The old-bogie impaction of the faeces in the caecum is again trotted out, though the author gives no personal experience on the subject, evidently never having seen a case.