Two hours later a catheter was passed, and it was necessary to empty the bladder in this way for twenty-four hours, no dribbling having occurred in the meantime. While the mesenteric glands were swollen they did not present the appearances of Wilm" examined a large number of pest cadavers in Hong Kong. Of a coupon deep, efflorescent ulceration destroying neighboring tissues; left submaxillary adenopathy. The bed in which it lies, the soft palate and posterior pharyngeal wall and the vault of the pharynx. We turn particular attention to the authors' observations on the differentiation of the vaginal part of the cervix' ueri from the vagina, and the development of the cul-de-sac. We perceive, then, that the muscles are not alone the machinery by which the mind acts upon the world, but that their actions are essential elements in our mental operations. It is proposed that there shall be no medical school especially connected with the State University, but on the other hand that ail medical degrees shall be issued under the authority of the University, by a board of examiners appointed in such a way as to be acceptable to the profession at large.

In the February issue"Venetian Bent Iron Work for Amateurs" is described. Thus I conceived the idea of using a syphon instead of a stomach pump, and have used the same in a case of poisoning recently with the most complete success. The arms, legs, hands, and feet are stockv. A study of the fatal cases is of very little assistance, because it will be found at once that but a very small proportion of these eases were known before hand to have had a cardiac lesion, and the absence of organic heart disease has been proven in a large majority of those cases that have Ask the surgeon in active practice the question," How many of your cases with a known heart lesion of greater or less severity have taken an anaesthetic badly or have exhibited alarming symptoms during the course of the anseslhetization?" I feel sure the almost universal answer would be," Remarkably few." Indeed, the impression made upon my own mind, without reference to statistics, is that heart cases, so-called, bear ether (ray experience has been confined almost exclusively to this anaesthetic) very well, and that the comparatively few cases which have exhibited alarming symptoms while under its influence were those with no evident heart lesion. A few doses of this wonderful remedy will free the system of all these A visit would convince the most skeptical that he cures when all others fail; expressions of grati froffl hundreds of patients who daily throng his offices; in thirty days he has placed over two hundred patients under treatment; new testimony pouring in daily, proving his wonderful power over disease. When, on opening the peritoneal cavity, the lymphatics and peritoneum are found extensively involved, and the closure of the wound will be all that can be done unless obstruction be present, when the formation of an artificial anus above the stenosed In preparing our list of cases we have excluded those reported by nature of the tumor is too uncertain to classify it; in Thome's, from the histological examination, the tumor was probably a carcinoma, and in Djemil-Pacha's case, one of sarcoma of the great omentum and transverse colon, the tumor was probably primary in the omentum. It then continues from four to six days, when it gradually subsides. I gave her TakaDiastase, one capsule (two and a half grains) immediately after each meal. Indeed, is it not possible that many etiologically puzzjing systemic diseases, such as myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, chronic nephritis and diabetes have their origin in some insidious chronic infection in the body not recognizable by our present crude methods of dagnosis, but which we hope later to be able to recognize and treat medically or surgically before systemic effects become manifest? As far as the tonsils are concerned, fortimately, they can be easily seen and examined, and if we can establish the relationship between diseased tonsils and rheumatic manifestations, it should call for early removal of the tonsils, even before rheumatic symptoms set in. The non-partisan Editorials and the Current Events and Nature and Science Departments code are of especial interest to students and to all who wish to keep informed of the doings of the world. In the esophagus we have on record the following conditions, studied and observed endoscopically: Acute esophagitis, carcinoma, syphilis, typhoid and tuberculous ulceration, varicosities, angioneurotic edema, diverticula, cardiospasm and hysterical tumor.

Those cases epidermize most quickly in which the caries is limited to the hammer and anvil, with nothing more than granulations in the attic, aditus, and antrum, and without complications and constitutional disorder. He had used radium successfully in promotion tuberculous peritonitis. Powers became very sick, and was sent from the forecastle directly to the Seamen's Hospital; while the it was necessary to take him from his forecastle lodging at the lodging-room, with three other lodgers, all of whom became sick name of Thomas Kane, from the sanie forecastle, and who was December, at the lodging-house above mentioned, had been sick came, feeling unable to return to his duties on shipboard, visited First Avenue, became very sick, with high fever, that night. A subserous growth, if small but the cause of pain, may be attacked with x ray with excellent results, producing marked shrinkage in the growth with cessation of symptoms. A patient should never be allowed to sit or stand without support.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins, he received medical training at the University of Robert Sakata, Associate Professor of Medical Allied Health Professions and Director of of the Guidance Bureau at Kent State, where he earned the Ph.D tant Professor of Family Medicine.; Family Practice Unit, has been a J Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard. The authorities immediately swine, and ordered that they should be analyzed. When a brown line appears which turns black within thirty minutes, it shows cane sugar.

He was a trustee of the Westborough Savings Bank, and author of the bill to provide free text-books in the public schools, laboring In medicine he early turned his attention to constructive legislation, and Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, and in aiding in its passage of Governor Greenhalge, he resigned from the Senate to accept the position of secretary and executive officer of the Board of Registration in Medicine, a tinued ill health he was forced to resign as secretary, but in accordance with the request of his associates, he continued a member of the board until his Like all men of strong personalities, he often met opposition both personal and official, which sometimes developed into enmity, yet he had one of the pecially by those most closely associated with him. Why in these and other cases particular nerves should be affected, is a question which will be more fully considered hereafter.

If the urine flows he is looked upon as cured, but should the overstrained bladder refuse to act he is left to die, the virtues of catheterization being apparently unknown to the Chinese. The amount of water to be used is not arbitrary.