But histologically both the primary growth and the metastases have the general structure of spindle- and round-celled sarcoma rather than of alveolar cancer.


An artery corresponding to the middle meningeal artery of man enters through the foramen spinosum to supply the rete mirabile, and other vessels enter through the foramen ovale and the suprasphenoid canal. In others, the humane solicitations of the medical officers have failed against the influence of oppressive gloom, amounting to despair: the. We know the convulsive part of the fit in its severer and cruder aspects is comparable to the impulsive movements of the infant. Now those cases were not cases of nonunion, simply cases of delayed union. When anaesthesia was found not to be complete within fifteen minutes of the injection it was regarded as having failed. A shoulder piece encircles the high shoulder. Good results are claimed by this method in secondary The injections arc made in the upper third of the thigh and placed in contact Gutmann reports on Linser's method of intravenous injection of a Rothman, as the result of experimental research with solutions of salvarsan and perchloride of mercury, concludes that the perchloride in Linser's mixture is first reduced to the subchloride and then to metallic mercury in a colloidal state by the reducing action of the salvar.san, which is itself probably in a semi-colloidal state. He has further obtained evidence that in the process of the recovery of a muscle some of the lactic acid appearing is reconstituted, only a small part The present paper by Parnas deals with the relation between the amount of glycogen used by a muscle and the work done by it. In either instance the claim that the use of alcohol is desirable in the tropics is refuted beyond the possibility of discussion. By Samuel Ashwell, m d, Obstretric and Treatment of Acute Hydrocephalus, or Water-Brain Fever. Objectively the patient may reveal a gamut of signs varying from simple hypertension to the profound circulatory disturbances of advanced cardiac disease. The household consumption is regulated by a stop-cock provided with a metre to about twelve gallons per capita daily, the annual price being one hundred and twenty francs per year per cubic metre daily, or twenty francs per year for one hundred and for two hundred and sixty-five gallons' daily use, or pipes for household use are mostly of lead. (See For pains more or less severe, but always subacute, use stabile galvanization of the articulations, positive pole on the painful part, articular movements use stabile followed by labile galvanization.

The vengeful search for the offending sorcerer, which is often the primary concern of the patient's kinsmen, is a source of further emotional support. Other epidemics have the Serbian epidemic was one of relapsing fever and typhus combined. But although in this way we can analyse the voluntary contraction into a series of simple twitches in tlie muscle, yet it does not follow that we can analyse the discharge from the central nervous system in the same way. Any difficulty in the free procuring of ice by the poor during the heated months, whether from a natural scarcity of that article or goes to the length of destroying life, some check ought to be put to it. Review - the faeces of a healthy man, when extracted with spirit and treated as above, did not yield the slightest reaction, whilst on adding a little bile previously to the faeces it was penectly developed. The mother of this calf was killed some weeks afterward, and was found highly tuberculous, the disease being well advanced to the third stage, or stage of suppuration.

The convulsive seizures were frequent and severe. " The book will very well satisfy the wants of the majority of general practitioners, Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children in the BcUeroe Hospital Medical College; Obstetric Sorgcon to the Matcmitj and Emergency Uospitals; and Gynseoologist to the Bellerue Ilospital. He felt a terrible shock, but did not faint or fall from"There was a protrusion of bowel from the wound in front of about three inches; but little blood issued from it.

It "" was discussed by vascular mechanism of the nasal mucous membrane and its relation to certain pathological processes-" the thyroid perforating into the trachea.

De Rossi's Osseous Tiunsformation of Labyrinthine Capsule. It diminished the number of the stools, but increased the absolute quantity of urine and the urinary salts. But, in point of fact, I have sent more medical than surgical cases to springs There are enough cases that are intractable to home treatment, and that are still not incurable, to make it well worth our while to classify them, if not to enumerate them at length.

Patton has shown that the natural Herpetomonas of Culex fatigans disappears from the insect when it has a feed of blood, probably because, being really a flagellate of the larva of the mosquito, it finds itself in an unnatural environment. A curious affection of the pitch ot the voice, in speaking, when two tones of different pitch are simultiineously produced (diplophouia), appears to depend on the division of the rima into an anterior and posterior opening, cither by small morbid growths, strings of mucus, or irregular action voice is affected by every alteration either in the cords or in the consonating cavities, the purity and character of the tone being liable to numerous modifications, until, the musiciil note disappearing entirely, mere noise (aphonia or bination of whispering and a badly sustained musical note, imply imperfect and irregular approximation of the vocal cords. If any ten healthy persons were trephined in a hospital, one would in all probability die from the effects of the operation, and three or four more might have a narrow escape from the inflammation of the brain and its membranes, or the other consequences which would probably ensue (what). Lectures funding on Subjects connected with Clinical Medicine, comprising Diseases of Physician to St.

At the time of the lecture the patient was in excellent health and in the fifth month of pregnancy.