But since a particular animal can only be compared with itself as regards the absolute height of the maximum agglutinin titres obtained in response to successive immunizing inoculations with any given antigen, the method of approaching this question must be to compare the results obtained on the first occasion with those obtained in response to a second inoculation, when the animal has been subjected to salvarsan treatment in the interval between the Here a further difficulty arises in the fact that, at any rate when equal doses of antigen are used, the response to a second inoculation may (as is known from the experiments of Jorgeusen) be either greater, equal to, or less than the original response. Ward then referred to the recent prevalence of the smallpox in Baltimore and the need for further study as to the best means of utilizing the benefits of SECTION ON OPHTHALMOLOGY, OTOLOGY AND Dr. Much negative pathological evidence in favor of the toxsemic origin of acute delirious seizures, like that afforded by the case of Lloyd and Tull, might be adduced, as many cases have been reported in which the autopsies were practically negative in their findings. Degli Ospitali, Nov., both sexes and all ages, in the upright the respiratory apparatus, not only chronic, but also acute, which embarrass the circulation through the lungs, such as extensive pneumonia, capillary bronchitis and pleurisy with copious effusion, lower the heart's at the Children's Hospital, Dublin, by Mr. C R.Agnew, The motion to lay on the table was declared Dr. At first, small doses are given, frequently repeated, as long as thirst is evident; and in this way, in a few hours, a quarter, half, or even an entire litre may be taken.

The sac presenting in the wound was opened, and a gush of stinking pus followed. The plan of Professor Senn has been well carried out and the book is certainly one which contains the most recent and approved methods. This is an example of an excessive reaction to sensory stimulation, due to lack of central control. He saw one case at autopsy in which a hydronephrotic kidney had the orifice so displaced upward that it was only made patent when the pelvis contained considerable fluid and so dragged the kidney down by its weight. We find it occurring in that affection termed' broken wind,' where the inspiratory movement is performed rppidly and in a jerky manner, whilst the expiratory:s performed slowly and with a double action, especially of the abdominal muscles.

The intervals will be found to become longer and longer, and the sensibility to decrease at each renewal of the attack, until it entirely ceases.

If the disease is arrested and the patient recovers, the nose falls in, resembling a saddle. As the case progresses the patient is subject to ringing in the ears, there is a tendency to sneeze and to hoarseness, a more or less constant itching of the nose, with a gradu ally developing difficulty of breathing through that organ, sleep is rendered unquiet by the accumulation of mucus in the throat, and the patient arises in the morning with a dry throat and a coated tongue, the organic matter of the buccal secretions is deposited on the teeth and gums and at the corners of the mouth, breath is offensive, there is anorexia, impaired general health, and gradnally deepening deafness. It seems to me that auto-infection, although we suspect it and certain examples appear, is not an established fact, not enough established to base a line of treatment on. At that time lie believed he had been in the minority in staling that he did not think so much stress should be laid upon this symptom as had been geuerally done; hence, he was glad to hear of those cases which coufirmed his view. One hundred grams of gelatin may replace the caloric value genuine tissue builder.

Enquiry must be made into the characteristics of the family not only about cases of insanity but about the general disposition of the various members for several generations. If mastication is not properly performed from various causes, it follows that the food in herbivora will affections, and is often associated with loss of the sense of smell, a matter of great importance in our patients, which depend so much on the smell of food, the result febrile diseases we have deficiency of saliva and dryness of the mouth and fauces; also in long-standing' cases of indigestion.

In it appear to be true Klebs-LoetHer bacilli. But the sudden manner in which the expectoration was produced, without having been preceded by any symptoms of disease, and the general state of the patient, so little in harmony with the severity of the general symptoms ordinarily met with in patients affected with gangrene of the lung, forbaa the idea of this condition to be entertained ( A slight amount of active congestion of the liver accompanies the process of digestion, while over-feeding on highly stimulating food, without a proper amount of exercise, tends to intensify this condition. There had been a watery, vaginal discharge for two months, somewhat stained with blood, which for ten days previously had been foul. This microbe was isolated from a glucose agar plate which had been planted directly from the pus immediately after the patient's admission to hospital.

In a fortnight he came, and I i-emoved the straps, and found him quite cured, but advised him to wear a suspensory bandage for a short time. The foetus now described belongs to the sirenomeles, or third variety of St.

From the left end of this ragged cut, there extended a broken hut straight series of dots and spots toward the lef t sternomasloid; under this brokeu line, there were numerous red dots, representing pressure from without applied through a fabric which had imprinted its texture upon the thin and delicate skin. This may occur in the region of Fourth, the localizing of the pain over the seat of the appendix, though later, in severe and even fatal cases, both pain and fever may disappear and the patient feel and appear comfortable.