It has been printed as a separate, and can be had free upon application to the Forester, U. Lewis then appealed the Board's decision in the Superior Court of Fulton statute override the conflicting provisions of the Georgia law regulating physicians rights regarding the assignment and licensing of its personnel in Georgia.

Paper on the loss ot the knee-jerk in patients snffering from nmplete tzanoverse myelitis in ihe dorsal or cervical regions Mes have from time to time been published both in this etsntry and abroad io eonfinnation of the view then Hcfa a case ia recorded. Salt combines with lactic acid in the stomach to form sodium lactate, and in the process sets free hydrochloric acid. After atropinisation no abnormity was found in the eye, pjid a week or two afterwards the movements disappeared. True cyanosis was present only on the face (

Medical Institution of Yale College.

The qnantitv lost varies greatly, perhaps four to sue ounces itiay be taken as tbe average. The man became blind, and sued the doctor; but the judge acquitted the horsedoctor on the ground that if the man had not been an ass he would never have applied for market. The microscope will alone make m correct diagnosis, and a zinc salt (practically) alone will The diplo-bacillus of Morax-Axenfeld is negative to grows in twenty-four hours on Loeffler's blood serum.

It is used witli some benefit in dry antiseptic dusting powders include acetanilicl, bismuth subnitrate, salol and boric acid.

Very many persons are better able to pay cash at the time services are rendered than they are weeks, months or years afterward. Gangrene was noted in eight cases (five recoveries, two deaths, and one unknown result); pysemia in eight (all fatal); erysipelas in one (recovery); and tetanus in one (fatal) instance. We assume the jury mean in all doubtful cases. Hermetical Sealing in shot wounds of chest; Howaiiu's method of, I, Hospital, special, for the treatment of injuries and diseases of the nerves, Hospital Steamers, or floating hospitals, in Western waters, III, Medical Descriptive I-ist, form of, I, XVII. They are out of place, and derogatory to the professional character of the writers.

He had the teeth removed, and got better for a month; the pain then returned, and has been with him continuously ever since, that is, for about "" a year and a half.

I think that he has not had sufficient time to form such positive opinions.

Sergeant, who waa appointed officer of health to the County Council of Lancaamie in the spriiq! of this yetr, has just issued his first report upon the health of theenuily, exclusive of the large towns which have corporate bcdiea It consists chiefly of a compilation of the reports from tJie The movement for establishing a crematorium is sitldBg good progress, and it is hoped that next year a Mancherter building show a very elegant stnictnre, and advsntan has been taken of the experience obtained on the Cootinent to provide everythiag in the most approved manaet Ornamental columbaria wul be built along each side of the main building, in which memorial tablets mn it Athenaeum in support of the movement, and at a ronjoiit meeting of the Society of Officers of Health and the SanUuy Association on Friday last, Dr. Followed byExcision in the Hones of the Leg Excision in Hones of Leg and Amp. Bone-marrow and arsenic are often able to do this; but when they are removed or their action ceases, a relapse of the disease occurs. To determine what GlycoThymoline would do absolutely unaided I had him use it as rest to the voi:e as possible. The moment the number of wounded warrants the establishment of Division Hospitals the Corps Commander should be consulted as to the locality of these hospitals, in a military point of view. The radial and ulnar pulses m the right arm are apparently normal, but, asbefore, the left radial pnlse is only jnst perceptible and the left ulnar artery cannot be felt at all. If the efiusion had been into the cellular tissue, one would have thonght that it would not have enbetance wasted and disappeared, yet he could not eidmit' Mr.

And agitation with ether; evaporation and trituration with sugar of milk. Meanwhile, the numerous physicians who have left Italy fOT BmUb hsre had to wait for a supply of the liquid, all the eSorti d Count de Lannay, the Italian Attibassador at tlie Imperial Court, to procure for them a snpidy of it having failed, to the great disappointment of the Genoese and NeapoUtu A CORONER ON"SIXPENNY DOCTORS." Mr. Charcoal possesses the power of attracting and holding alkaloids in its subtance, and so may be used in large doses as an antidote in poisoning by alkaloidal drugs, as opium, nux vomica and aconite.