Daly, who, the next winter treated two or three other cases of nasal catarrh with a like result of absolutely preventing the recurrence of their accustomed nasal catarrh associated with hay fever and I may add, it is always of the hypertrophic variety. Whitewash should also be used on the berth-deck beams and bulk-heads instead of paint. Summer and colliquative diarrhea are favorably influenced by the internal adininistration of nitric acid. From his observations, he concludes that" secondary nephritis and enlargement of the heart, due to other causes than primary renal disease, do not lead to hypertrophy of the vessels". Nausea an vomiting can occur with practically all of the cance chemotherapeutic agents, although certain agents, sue! as cis-platin, dacarbazine, doxorubicin, methotrexate and cyclophosphamide appear to be associated wit From: University of Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) and tt University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, Mr. The committee "" on ethics reported in the case of taken, as his case has not been presented in legal Dr. For if you examine and test for only what the history directs, the examination is much less complete.

Rogers, of Green Island, has constructed, and without whose generous, patient and able assistance, I could not have presented some of the great orders of diseases, the miasmatici and the pneumonici, because they are most influenced by heat, moisture and prevailing winds, and because they exhibit most fully the striking contrast presented by these archetypes of zymotic and local diseases. It is only in those cases in which the examination has demonstrated the necessity for the sacrifice of both ovaries and tubes, that the extirpation of the uterus should be considered. The report of Fleet-Surgeon Shippen' shows with what care, and how thoroughly, the British government secures the necessary special instruction for its naval medical officers, before assigning them to their complicate duties on board a man-of-war. Hemorrhage due to severe jaun The seasonal incidence and the occurrence of hospital cases in groups tend strongly to confirm the theory of the infectious etiology of the disease ( Should its use be revived, I am convinced that it would be of great value as a haemostatic, and would do away with some of the strong objections to ergot.

For to infect him with any regularity and certainty by this means, the dosage must be constant and powerful. At a coroner's inquest reported in the Timarii Herald, it appears that a midwife was in attendance in a case in which there was rupture of the uterus; and, after hearing the evidence of the midwife and the medical man, the jury added to their verdict that they quite disapproved of uncertified females acting as midwives without the supervision of a duly qualified medical practitioner.

For has arrived, as the result of his investigations, at the conclusion that oblong-headed people are of a restless and roving nature, not content to take things as they happen and make the best of them.

Serum protein electrophoresis are often very enlighteningin these conditions.

Out-door exercise to be continued as much as possible. The positiveness of his statements is alluring; his ignorance and The -purpose of the paper is to present to the general practitioner a test for the refractive conditions of the eye, also to call attention to its abuse in the hands of those unskilled and ignorant, a class outside of the medical profession that seems to OX THE GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF By reason of its predominating influence on the causation of asthenopia, kindred neuralgias, and various sequelae, astigmatism merits early recognition and correction.