It remained, however, for Widal and others to show that if to a drop of blood-serum, or to a drop of water containing a solution of dried blood from a typhoid patient, a moderate number of typhoid bacilli were added, a specific reaction occurred. She talks a great deal, and very quickly. If such a complete cure resulted, it would be one of the most remarkable therapeutic results in the history of medicine.

The calcium group follows with remarks on the hardness of waters, and their liability to be contaminated by lead, the last metal in the group. Starting Saturday, Saturday mornings, practicing physicians will be shown how the Center treats its cases of venereal disease by the latest methods. He chose therefore to risk the non-observance of a punctilio, rather than prevent the diffusion of a useful fact or interesting phenomenon in medical science. C, who pronounced it inoperable and advised her to seek radium treatment. Eggleston: And if the fibrillation were Dr.

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