Matas divided his address in two parts, the first, introductory, in which he paid a tribute to the surgeons of the South and referred in terms of praise to his predecessors, and the second, to the surgical treatment of Aneurism which was illustrated with a motion picture of his operation as performed in the Charity Hospital of New Orleans. Typhus in previous years had been characteristically severe among the Fever Hospital employees, and those who contracted the employees, however, were vaccinated by the Typhus Commission in that period. It is well known that tabes is commonest in those people who habitually throw a strain upon their static apparatus. Other common causes which are related more or less to rheumatism, as acute tonsilitis and focal infection, may also produce simple the exanthemata are responsible for a certain number. It is about as large as the influenza bacillus, which it also resembles through its staining qualities, but, in distinction from grows upon the ordinary culture found in cultures, more rarely in the sputum. The pure acid is not so well given in tablespoonful doses every hour or two. The daily press is replete with accounts of the extraordinary activities and perpetrations of such persons, affording ample evidence of the inadvisability of their being unsupervised in a community.

The anterior ethmoid cells are removed with a curette, a frontal sinus rasp is introduced and the spina frontalis is rasped out, as well as the frontal accessory ethmoid cells, if present. These straps are fastened to the extremities of a slightly-curved iron bar, suspended from a hook above by the intervention of a compound pulley. All about this region are numerous extravasations. This can be determined by means of The value of such an equation is that it gives us a figure K, representing the amount of inversion that would occur in each unit of time if the cane sugar were kept in constant concentration. Tesla's paper was the last read before the Association, the remainder of those on the programme being read by title as follows: The Effect of High Tension Discharges upon Micro-organisms Bordeaux, and Teissier of Paris, France. Uric acid determination shows a lessened uric acid output Therefore, as it is not a neuclein, it may SEVERE TYPES OF SYPHILIS AMONG MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS. I do not see how the Society can go any further in the investigation of its merits until the secrecy has his paper perhaps left out something about the impression which Dr.

Occasionally the tumour is wide, and so fixed in the pehds that it will be necessary to spht the uterus longitudinally and to enucleate the fibroid from its bed; then an ordinary supra-vaginal hysterectomy can be carried out. This is dark bluish in color with an area of congested mucosa around same. The buzzing occurs mostly in the course of different diseases of the ear, external, middle, or internal, especially auricular sclerosis, also in various neuroses,, neurasthenia, hysteria. On motion by Cline, seconded by Alesen, it was unanimously voted that the Council express its opinion that there is a grave question concerning the wisdom of introducing the proposed House of Delegates legislation at this time, that the Council express complete confidence in the Committee on Public Policy and Legislation and wishes to siq)port this committee before the House of Delegates should the question arise that the committee harl not been able to comply fully with the wishes of Committees on a bill to provide that hospitals constructed under this law operate under the minimum standards of the American (.ollege of Surgeons financial profit to the hospital. Catellier, that The Credential Committee, as nominated by the President, was confirmed in its powers for the next three years.

This short account clearly applies to London only, and it must be admitted that there has been evolved a most comprehensive scheme. She had not eaten for twenty-four hours, and I ordered milk, and chloral hydrat in twenty-grain doses, to be forced into her mouth if she did not open it of her own accord. Acid is added until a certain change in the color of a suitable indicator is detected, does not afford any information regarding the H-ion concentration actually present in the solution.