Mumford, secretary of the University Corporation, invested the recipients with the capes of their respective Dr. The majority of observers agree that the virus should be removed from the diseased areas with the curette before application It is useful in chancroids, syphilitic Moist condylomata on the genitals of six syphilitic women almost dried up in three days by the use of aristol dusted on their surface.

The attacks would begin suddenly, last a few minutes, and disappear as suddenly as they came, leaving him completely exhausted. New -York in an epidemic form, a new fever hospital was placed under the charge of the Bellevue physicians; and Fort Stevens on the Long Island shore, near Hell Gate, at record that they responded promptly. But in the hght of the structure of the brain in the living descendants, it seems possible to get a rough idea of this subject, especially if the phylogenetic relations of the extinct groups are used for guidance. This tends to heal spontaneously, and it is often due to some foreign body in the tract. The pore plates, lying so abundantly on the antennae and called olfactory organs by most of the other authors, were found to have two grooves encircling each elliptical plate, thereby allowing the plate to move in and out on a double hinge. The signs of pyo-pneumothorax are present. Thrush is observed most frequently in the mouth and on the palate, but has even been seen in the stomach. The knee joint was opened three times, once for septic synovitis, once for the removal of a dislocated semilunar cartilage, and once for exploration.

It was at this time that Voelcker and von Lichtenberg first presented pyelography to the medical profession, and it is a most interesting fact that the first who has now brought to us this new method Papin and others that no urological procedure has been so enthusiastically received and the The first opaque pyelographic medium accepted was collargol. With regard to scarlel fever, says Dr. Afltfoetida, dracontium or skunk -cabbage, and the Indian hemp are sometimes ilbrd marked relief.

As ftecal matter may enter the peritoneum, an early laparotomy will be necessary. It was less adherent than right. An experiment could not be made at the -. This house landmarks, to make room for Thirty-fifth street. Philip Zenner, of Cincinnati; Booth, of New York; Does Antisyphilitic Treatment Prevent the Occurrence of the Diseases of the Nervou of the Utility of Operations in Epilepsy, by Dr. Facts, for example, if this be true, it is correct to say that a disease may be portable although not The rtudy of parasites has acquired great interest and prominence since it has long been a logical inference that the infectious diseases are caused by the invasion of micro-organisms.

It may be more frequent than is believed, because owing to some defect in the blood-making (htemogenesis), the blood becomes vulnerable to the destructive influence Alterations in the size of the heart in ansemio subjects. A considerable amount of diseased tissue was removed at this visit, by means of the curette, and fuming nitric acid was applied. They found a large number of micro-organisms in the mucus of healthy noses. The terminal enlargement is really a continuation of the spinal cord (although in this cross-section it appears to be separated from it), but it contains practically no gray matter.

The student was taught the art of obsteti of midwifery was a sealed book to him.