The people live a fairly easy and contented life, but they are inert and without any ambition in them.

The clot becomes decolorized and cannot be distinguished from a non-hemorrhagic exudate; and its ultimate fate may be the same complete removal or retention as a white mass that has undergone fatty change. This patient was admitted with symptoms typical of enteric, but the Widal reaction was not obtained, he died during a relapse and the post-mortem examination revealed inflammation and ulceration Enteric fever among European children in this country is often so mild in character that it is possible to overlook it.

Is it not possible that early in the disease, before marked degenerative changes have taken place, much might be done by cleaning out the crypts and applying antiseptics and tissue stimulants, with the internal administration of alteratives and cellular stimulants, such as calcium suphide, calcidin and nuclein? Internal treatment consists in meeting such indications as each case may present.

Not a single case of infection of a clean wound occurred in our service during the remaining four A brief review of the results obtained during the area was presumably free from infection at the time of divide the service of the nine months during the last systematic use of formalin and gloves in clean cases, the other of four months after the adoption of tliese From a careful view of the facts presented by this investigation, I think we are justified in urging the necessity of what might be termed an e.xaggerated system of surgical technics when dealing with the class of cases in which resistance to infection has been markedly diminished by dissipation or disease. Whatever speech he selects, he will have the certainty that about one-fourth or possibly one-half of his fellow-members will have a faint and confused idea of the subject of his address, while the rest of his auditors will be bored beyond expression by the (low of his (in their ears) uncouth eloquence.

On found most prominent about the flexures, face and trunk. Spinal Caries: Spondylitis, or Pott's Disease of Whoever wishes to learn something concerning the above disease should read this concise book. He stated that at times bacteria are found which are able to digest all the different kinds of food, but it has not been proved that they are normally inhabitants of the alimentary canal. A -cross-road broke this row here, and the line of bouses on this side of the street was continued by another row.

When atrophy is present, the field for.Sexual impotence, or the painless enlargement and disorganization of a joint, is occasionally the first oi)trusive symptom that prompts the patient to seek The popular designation of this disease as" locomotor ataxia" is objectionable, although the common use of this name seems to be sanctioned by a custom which is rapidly losing ground. Or puffed up, as with air; swollen and soft. The, cost of the three additional stories which are to be built on the Metropolitan building, Dr. From being confined almost constantly to his bed, from danger of falling when up, he was given once in four hours; we have ourselves recently used it with marked advantage in an alarming Jlcetate of Lead as a Sedative in affected with incurable and most painful cancers of the rectum or uterus, have had their sufferings greatly mitigated by warm baths, in each of which was dissolved an continued vomiting, in the treatment, of amaurosis, is confirmed which occurred in the Hospital Mr.

Pfeiffer and Wolters refer to these as sporogonia, while Neumann broadens the application of the word" sporoblast'' to make it include the fructification resulting from the conjugation of two sexual elements of identical structure, as found in the ascomycetous fungi; also, the structure inclosing the fluke- worms (trematoda), which gives rise to new germs called redicE, q.

The patient was treated with pelletierlne, and evacuated the entire worm, which was demonstrated at the meeting.

They unite opposite the fifth lum bar vertebra to form the inferior vena cava. For this purpose an effective method is the application of ice-cloths to the abdomen, changing every minute for half an hour, and repeating even' two lung has also shown an efficacy that is remarkable, as this agent is not antipyretic when given internally alone, except as an intestinal antiseptic. These reduced germ cells again divide, without reduction of chromosomes, and eventually form the mature ova and After fertilization takes place the chromosomes of the nuclei of both ovum and spermatozoon again divide and are equally mixed, each taking an equal share in the production of every cell in the growing organism. Dover's powder gives relief and may break up the attack, but it is less likely to do so than the combination recommended, and is apt to be followed by severe headache. S., Interosseous, a diamond-shaped depression at the base of the brain, in the brain. The physician should never attempt to pass a sound (or catheter) into a strictured urethra until he has passed the instrument into his own bladder and has become familiar with the technique. Prepared from bone-oil, and also obtained from all the pyridin-carboxylic acids on distillation with lime. Local governing bodies are notoriously parsimoni; in hand" for donations from private benefactors. It is not in the gross mind that the conflicts of sexuality produce neurotic symptoms, but especially in the sensitive person, in the type of mind that is over scrupulous, that is overconscientious, because it is just that type of mind that is most conscious of a conflict existing between the innermost feelings and the teaching that religion and ethics have given. Laboratory is delivered by one of the best dairies in town, at a very early hour in the morning. Sometimes during the five weeks that the tube is in use it may appear that the septum is bulging greatly on the stenosed side, but it is well to leave it quite alone, as the constant pressure reduces it finally, for there seems to be a resorptive process going on. It is, in part at least, eliminated by the lungs, favorably affecting the cough, stimulating the absorbents, and possibly acting in some degree as an obstacle to the multiplication or to the activity of the bacilli. Death may be sudden or Inspection may disclose evidences of senility; palpation edema and an enlarged liver, stiff and tortuous arteries; percussion alterations in the size and shape of the heart; auscultation hypertrophy, weakness and The diagnosis considers the causal maladies and is considered under their heads. Why then, as these preparations contain popular that the revenue from the stamp duty existence of a large amount of minor ailments, which people do not consider it worth consulting a medical man about, but there is more, there is a subtle physiological reason for their success, treatment of a case, and this is specially true of the man who tries to cure himself. The patients were kept in bed and restricted to milk diet and beef tea until the pains and fever had entirely abated; the painful joints were closely enveloped in cotton wool, and whenever any cardiac complication was present a mixture of equal parts of extract of belladonna and ointment of iodide of potassium was applied over the prsecordia (

He called the attention of physicians to the dangers of narcotism in the early treatment of the insane, and to the disaster that had too often been the price paid for household quiet.

The mammalian placenta is a spongy mass of tissue derived from the chorion and decidua', its evolution having begun with the differentiation of the ectoderm of the germinative area by the formation of a thickened region called the area placentalis. S., Neurocentral, tfie cartilages between the bodies of the dorsal vertebrae, posterior to the points of articulation of the ribs with the main portion.