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But the transcendentalism of faith-cure methods has found no congenial home at Franzensbad. While this point has not been proven, it is very encouraging to think that the horse is susceptible to pellagra, because we must have an animal for the manufacture of an antitoxin that is large enough to be bled large quantities of blood at one time, in order to make the manufacture of any antitoxin an economic possibility. By combining the two in Rocky Mount we might succeed in getting an influential society in the, two counties. Twenty-three hundred and eighty-two examinations of specimens of various kinds and the administration of the Pasteur treatment to eighty-three cases in addition, in one year by so small a force is most gratifying. Microscopically: Moderate number of white and red blood corpuscles. This I cut out and place Probably confined to the lower altitudes of the eastern part of the Very common in dry, clayey ravines and on the adjoining hillsides near the Platte and its tributaries.

Infectious Diseases in New York: We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases and deaths Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service The following cases of sinallpo.v. The interspaces throughout the lobules are dilated, principally by serum and fibrin. The hepato-enteric circulation of the bile-acids and ergosterin exerts a favorable influence both upon hematopoiesis and upon calcium metabolism:

Five weeks before his admission he experienced for the first time considerable soreness to the right of the umbilicus, and eleven days before coming to the hospital he had one of these attacks, but this time it was a.ssociated with the fifth rib to two inches below the free border of the ribs, and below this point the distended gall-bladder could be felt. It is important to recognize this probability because of its bearing on the mode of action of thyroid feeding and of organ therapy in general. This is not frequent and I have not seen it except as single trees This species is used to some extent for shade purposes. The palpitation he attributed to too many Six of the goiters were large, twenty-two moderate, and thirty-two Tremor of the hands was almost always present, though at times slight, and somewhat coarse. It is refuses to eat, ceases to ruminate, and is, in a manner, unconscious of surrounding objects. It is also common knowledge among those who carefully observe these cases that a patient can take a great deal more nourishment when his fever is low than Avhen it is high. The apparent disregard for spinal anesthesia is very disappointing in view of its enormous advantages in most types of emergency as well as elective surgery. We note with pleasure the personal appearance in opposition to these bills of the representatives of many of the institutions concerned with medical education.

The pull which the elasticity of the soft parts, trying to regain their former position, exerts, is sufficient to start the movement, which, once begun, is continued bv vohnitarv contraction of the muscles. It is the tendency to insanity or the neuropathic trait which is inherited. Recently, with tribromethyl alcohol and local anesthesia, excellent results have been obtained, and probably the patient has had less pain than under local anesthesia only. South Carolina has taken a step forward, as is shown by the following item in the April Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association: of Delegates will convene at the Poinsett Hotel ( Thoughtful physicians will, therefore, continue to welcome papers which aim at the diffusion of sound information in regard A lucid exposition of the modem attitude toward consumption we have recently met with in a series of clinical lectures delivered by Dr.

He worked hard and stood above the average in his classes. The latter should have one or two nurses trained in the special technique, who can give the necessary instructions to the family, who can then take ing is especially noticeable. There was no evidence of cranial nerve paralysis. In a patient marked by abundant rash, whose expression is alert, attention keen, and mentalisation acute, the diagnosis of After speaking of the well-known differences in localization between the rash of varicella and that of small-pox, the author goes on to say that it must not be thought that if vesicles occur on the palms or The expressions"shotty" and"umbilicated" should be treated as most pernicious and discarded. - there was the pack-off like that. Referred to the Finance These twq, bills are parts of the "" original WicksHutchinson bill.