Just two weeks from the date of the lirst case two more of the family of ten more came down and there were in all live successive crops of typhoid during which nine out of the ten in that family had typhoid fever at intervals of two weeks. The opsonic indices in these experiments have been estimated in the usual way. These eases I have been accustomed to treat the same as for worms ud always with good efiect. The first cases of the disease coming under our notice were in New Mexico. Its primary merit is that while it discusses the usual variety of topics which are included under medical jurisprudence, it discusses them with an intelligent purpose to give them a modern and fresh flavor. The first and the most extensive work on the morphology of this organism was The geographical distribution of the observed cases of this disease is remarkable. Further changes in the second stage consist in the chambering of the interior of the bone, where light areas in the shaft indicate the absence of marked bone deposit, and heavier lines of ossification show the irregular development of trabeculae.

They are sufficiently soft when they are pliable under water. Dekcl'm expressed the view that as the other ductless glands are so often enlarged in acromegaly, to select a single gland as being enlarged seemed precipitate. Entire fibers, in some instances several adjoining ones, have lost all structure and appear as a hyaline material staining very slightly by eosin. But according to the experimental studies increase in the agglutinins may occur during the development of an intercurrent infection.

The experimental results left no question but that the celloidin sac was impervious to the passage of these bacteria. Experience - my observations extended through two years over the months between September and June. Wood terms This term literally signifies excessive urinary secretion, and is therefore somewhat objectionable, as it might also strictly include diabetes mellitus. The value of the clinical conference was set forth. The lack of this has been felt by the profession to impose an unnecessary hardship ( Exactly the same kind of an error by one employed by the state or nation would not involve the liability of either state or nation, for they are supposed to do no wrong, and therefore they cannot be sued. In order to illustrate the manner in which this is effected, we must in the first place suppose, the food in order to have its proper effect is taken review into a healthy and sound stomach. This thing of persecution by the medical fraternity is being carried on in our state quite extensively, and with few exceptions with the persecution of the quack, but in other cases juries have acquitted the prisoner to the great discomfort of the regular members Somewhere in Holy Writ, it is written:"Ask.


Duncan Bulkley will give a fourteenth series of"Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Skin," in the Out-patient Hall of forum the hospital, the medical profession, on the presentation of their Dr.

Letters received from the patient's mother and her physician would seem to show that during the two weeks after condition was thought to be unchanged.

During the stage of onset of the attack, the head and eyes are often drawn sharply to one side opposite from the paralyzed side. It is used also in the coloring of wall paper. ( To be continued.) NEW YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Are those at L Street, South Boston, and at Craigie's Bridge, and those most used by women at the Charles The first New England Conference of Charities will be held in Chanuiug Church, Newton, on October charity organizations, sessions will be devoted to the discussion of" The Feeble-Minded,"" Probation, iu Relation to Punishment of Crime," and" Destitute, Neglected, and Morally Exposed Children." to the Rhode Island Medical Society, and four thousand dollars to the Rhode Island Hospital, to establish estate is reported as very large.