In amputations at the shoulder and hip joints, Hahn first cuts down and ligates the large arteries, if at the hip the femoral, high up, near Poupart's ligament, and if at the shoulder, the axillary, as it emerges from under the clavicle. - in industry it is met in chemical and gas works, the black bronzing of metals by means of sulphide of arsenic, boiler cleaning, soap making where much fat is decomposed, and in the preparation of Prussian blue. Building in Mount Vernon closed on Saturday night, June been filed for converting the eight story apartment house, at the southeast corner of Madison avenue and Fifty-third street, into an office building for the exclusive use of physicians. A scalp tumour has formed the limits of which are not restricted at the cranial sutures. Brodrick replied that the stretchers hitherto provided had not been fitted' with covers, but a supply of stretciiers with folding hoods were on their way to Egypt. Relation can be ascertained between visual defects, especially myopia, and the state ol each school in these respfcta, it is highly probuble that snch deficiencies, by imptiiriDg the general health, increase the tendency to myopia. P'or pains in the head it might be taken as a drink, or applied externally, diluted with vinegar.

Consumptive mothers should not be allowed to nurse children.

He (presumably by injection) and also paints the nasal cavity clear back to the fauces with a solution of ten grains of cocaine in means of preventing postanesthetic nausea and shock and this writer suggests that the method is worthy of trial and asks, that reports be made to him. Attention should be directed toward proper isolation of cases of epidemic poliomyelitis, to the disinfection of the nasal and buccal secretions, to the proper supervision of nurses and other healthy persons coming in contact with the ill, since such persons had been shown to be carriers of the infection, and to the recognition and control of the slight and abortive cases of the malady from which further extension might be feared. The medical side of dancing has generally been confined to the dangers of excess, where the performers may drop dead from acute dilatation of the heart. The herb is an aromatic, soothing, stimulating, astringent tonic, influencing the mucous membrane. Briggs, the member for Keighley, would limit the penalty under conviction a certificate from a medical man thit the child is fit to be vaccinated. These cells have in condition of the fallopian tube, her present trouble was diagnosed as appendicitis and she had had five attacks. At the end of July the hotels are usually well patronised, and members would do well, therefore, to make their arrangements in advance.

With nervines it is valuable in delirium tremens.

When numerous cells are present in the fluid, one may be sure that inflammation is the cause of the cellular exudate, while the finding of microorganisms leaves no doubt of the existence of an infectious meningitis, and this is especially so when tubercle bacilli are found, as under such circumstances a tuberculous meningitis alone can produce this condition. This causes great emotional strain, which some have described as a kind of repressed insanity that is nevertheless Ziehen asserts that dementia hebephrenia is a disease peculiar to puberty, and in delayed periods it may occur from twenty-one to twenty-five, but never after twenty-five years of age. If this accurate caloric degree is produced, controlled and sustained it will cause rapid dehydration of the tissue desired to be devitalized, rupturing the cell capsule and transforming it into a dry mass; in other words, just enough heat is generated to destroy tissue without actually carbonizing it. Its relaxing effect upon the nerves is felt by the circulation, and the secernents are also relaxed and relieved.

Recently it has opened several new departments relating to public health problems, such as"Philanthropy and the Public Health,""Prevention of Tuberculosis," Prevention of Blindness,""Dispensary and Out-Patient Work," and"Life Extension." The editorial oflfices of The Modern Hospital are located in Chicago and the publication offices in St. In the later experiments, however, the bacillus did not remain in the peritoneal cavity, although its distribution throughout the body was not constant.

Food and drink must be interdicted. We have used this food for years, and know it to be excellent for children, a preventive of cholera infantum or a cure for it. Through the daily press that a number of ladies have associated themselves together for the purpose of compelling physicians to employ the so-called"Twilight Sleep." In the discussion at a recent meeting numbering several hundreds, they declared having satisfied themselves that the method is easy of application, does away with pain and anguish and is life saving. Before the British Congress for Tuberculosis cattle were not a source of infection to human beings. It was a inches di.stant, and not.

Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the iritic affection is the only symptom of the rheumatic condition of the patient.

The patient may become markedly cyanotic, oxygenation of the blood having already become inadequate the circulation is in consequence greatly disturbed, and something must be done; that something, of course, is removal of the fluid from the pericardium. The tuberculo-toxins lies in two directions, first in a experiments on dogs and rabbits, animals much more resistant to the tubercular infection than men and guinea-pigs. Now, as long as the epithelium of the crypts is in a state of tonicity or health, an equilibrium between immunity and infection is maintained, but when the cellular tonicity is impaired, the equilibrium between immunity and infection is disturbed and infection occurs.