To D?te, in a place ttbece ttje toinDe commetb, tbc n tabe an on tbe flcflfc: am iben pat if into flje totneger. The psychiater, then, should constantly guard himself against exaggerating the neurological phenomena which present themselves to his view. Of tbe individual and private metbods I bave nothing to say except of tbe one under In maternity hospitals where tbe obstetrician is offered every facility, and in tbe homes of tbe wealthy where there are so many conveniences, tbe difference between the methods of artificial respiration may not be a question of so much importance; but in that very much larger class of cases occurring in the homes of tbe middle and poorer people, where there are but few conveniences,, he must always. Appropriate measures should be taken if this occurs. The internist can help by always including "" as part of his physical examination a pelvic and rectal examination. These are usually seen late in the course of the disease, but may show up at any time ( Cost of therapy now is substantially the same as with THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS coupon MEDICAL SOCIETY dyscrasias has not been determined, further investigative work is required to clarify the situation. This is sent to doctors, hospitals, member council representatives, and group leaders, with a effects slight difference in the content of the inside pages, designed to be of particular interest to each group. With the judgment, memory, and will. In university teaching, the most extraordinary versatility was sometimes displayed, Meibom, for instance, presiding over philosophy, philology, archeology, and geometry, as well as medicine (Baas). Charcot designated this destruction of the lateral group of ganglion cells in the anterior cornua is followed by atrophy of the muscles and loss of tendon with glosso-labio-laryngeal paralysis (bulbar paralysis) there was a progressive destruction of the ganglion cells in the medulla and pons presiding over these parts. In some cases alveolo-dental periostitis appears (expulsive gingivitis), and causes displacement, loosening, and falling out of the teeth. Browne, Herbert Henry, Bethlehem, Orange River Colony. And here I may say that in using the term"laboratory" I do not limit the term to the ordinary sense, but include the idea of research work in the hospital.

The data suggested that regional care for acute appendictis in Wisconsin was generally safe and efficient, although there were wide variations in perforation rates and false positive results reported by individual hospitals. It is in accord with this ideal that Priestley admirably said that the object of science is" to comprehend things clearly and to comprise as much knowledge as possible in the smallest compass." The ultimate problems of reality and of knowledge belong to metaphysics which we may, following Descartes, bury deep in the soil as the root of the tree of science. He has also devised a"noise machine" for testing paracusis Willisii, The last ten or twenty years have witnessed an unusual growth of interest in the history of medicine. This causes obvious delays in scheduling. This was also indicated by the haemoglobinuria wliich was sometimes present, and Dr Gillespie had pointed out to iiim (Dr Duncan) the extreme tendency to rigor in paroxysmal cases of that condition.

The cutaneous troubles include zona, falling out of the hair, shedding of the nails, spontaneous ecchymoses, and sweating of blood.


Another line of progress was through various combinations of anilin with arsenic. The symptoms which had attended thia accumulation were not marked bj KDj great regularity of periodical menstrual sufiering.

The lack of thorouglmess in collegiate training is apparent also in regard to languages.

This capsule is practically an artificial coil of bowel, in which they have produced a simplified cholera, without the presence of microbes, and apart from the action of the digestive juices. Other papers of interest are those of Krug on" Trendelenburg's Posture," of Gushing on the" Use of the Uterine Sound," and of Elliot on"Viability at Six and a Half Months." The Publication Committee of the Association are to be congratulated on this their fourth volume of Transactions. Moreover, the haemostatic properties of gelatinized serum are nil, as the observations and experiments of Labbe and Froin conclusively prove. Tomake a paftc or dough of Amber for beades. CuNNiNQHAM, a ucw treatment of goitre,.