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Much is said about criminal abortions in this country. It is rare, however, for a lesion to involve so strictly limited a portion of the cortex.

Sometimes, in one instance it may prove only a local process, while in another, it may prove both local and systemic. Some of them, however, are larger, epithelioid, and contain several nuclei. Cases occurring in those under twenty-five belong almost invariably to the myopatnic type of progressive atrophy. Then one of the lower extremities may become involved, and ultimately paralysis will supervene. After having used every remedy I could think of for nearly three months, without any benefit, I resolved to try the effects of cold affusion, from which I had experienced much advantage some time previously in another case.

Six cases came under my notice in the course of a year, and formed the basis of Parsons' paper (Studies II). Owing to its long course, this nerve is specially liable to injury, usually from pressure due to tumors or from syphilitic or other forms of meningitis.


This happens most frequently in the treated mother. Przedborski nearly always due to neuritis, sometimes in connection with affections of Bronchitis is one of the most frequent initial symptoms. He retained each dose for a considerable time, and then threw it up ( Alexander Halperin Prince Georges County will henceforth be serviced examiner for the Southern District, and Dr.

It is often serviceable to stupe the whole chest during the fit with flannel wrung out of water as hot as can be borne, and in some persons, much advantage is derived from small but very frequently repeated doses of ipecacuanha wine, mixed with an equal portion of good tincture of castor. Oebeke rejDorts the cases of two brothers who rapidly succumbed to a purulent meningitis. There is nothing ostentatious about Dr.

Eggs may be given, either beaten up in milk or, better still, in the form of albumen-water.

We know, too, that the withdrawal of food-stuff from the infant may result in more profound effects than in the adult. The number of platelets of liver function as determined by the biomsulphthalein test has also been noted. You perceive, then, gentlemen, that my views are quite opposed http to those assumption. // - both kinds become opaque when heated, adding mineral acids, solution of the precipitate does not take place. Since emboli are not found in every case, however, they cannot be the sole cause. ; It was through his activities in the Medical Society of the District of Columbia that Dr.

Minor histological changes observed in man surrounding bloodvessels and involving neVves explain the extreme hyperesthesia of spotted fever patients.

For ulcers in this location that do not respond to medical therapy, recourse can be had to the palliative gastrectomy of Madlener.

In pellagra the tongue is of a much deeper red color, it is markedly pointed, while in sprue it is large and rather flabby. It "" commenced with cough, oppression of chest, dyspnoea, and hemoptysis.

Each case must be considered separately and treated accordingly. Now, any man hearing the endocardial murmur for the first time, as it occurs in the great majority of cases, would be almost sure to try and imitate with his mouth, and, what with whistling and blowing, he would presently hit upon something so very like it, as to make him pleased with his own cleverness. It is a disease of childhood; a majority of the cases occur between the second and sixth years.