The affection has been found most frequently on the upper extremities, and especially in the scapular and axillary regions, and in a large portion of published cases it has appeared on the left side of the These vesicles vary in size from a pin's head to a small warty change, so that some of them may on first sight simulate warts, and occasionally there have been present long warty projections. Fuch as to confider more than the two points A and E. Two hours later the temperature had risen to its former point. From one to four drops of laudanum, with one tea spoonful of aromatic spirits of ammonia in half a cup of quite hot water, will in most cases stop the jerking of the muscles. If the animal is free from the disease the temperature does not rise or vary more than the normal daily variation: The aortic valves may be agglutinated to form a funnel whose orifice will permit only the passage of a sound, the mitral orifice may be reduced to a button hole slit, and still offer no great obstacle to the circulation if the musculature of the heart is fairly at least for a time. .iter ihould dcicend, the air being unable to fuccccd ir, there would be left at the upper and deferted part of the vcflel a vacuum, that would be avoided, if the hole at the top were opened: When (I fay) they alledge fuch experiments, the tendency of theni feems- plainly to import, that they mean, by a vacuum, any fpace hereby low, that is not filled with a vifiblc body, or at lcalt with air, though it be not q aivt devoid of all body whatlbcver. External examination of the larynx and trachea revealed nothing abnormal. Edge advises the induction of abortion as early as the third month. Physical examination showed the knee-jerks markedly increased; slight patellar clonus; marked ankle clonus; no chancres in sensation; no Babinski; no Kernisr; abdominal reflexes normal; some tenderness to pressure over the lowest ribs; no changes in sensation or pain on touch in that region; there was a slight kyphosis about the junction of the thoracic and lumbar regions.

It should be remarked, however, that such processes must be long continued before this effect is reached, especially where the digestive functions remain unimpaired.

The evidence has gradually accumulated, and this work has added to it, to prove that beriberi is definitely one of the"deficiency diseases," and that the question of its complete eradication is merely one of the supply of the proper food in the districts in which the disease is prevalent, together with the persuasion of the people ( not always an easy matter) to use the food Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever in the Field. This is made ready by double vaccine is safer to use and gives better protection than the single, and is generally to be recommended, the only objection being that it requires handling the cattle twice.

There is no reason to believe that Sewell was the inventor of this operation, but he helped to extend its use in England, and showed by numerous published cases the benefits to be derived below the fetlock. The cough is paroxysmal, hke that ot whooping-cough, but differs from it in its noninfectious REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The quickest effects may be obtained by subcutaneous injection, but great care must be exercised in the use of ether in this way, as it sometimes irritates intensely and not infrequently induces necrosis of tissue. The nitrate is then tested with solution of perchloride of iron, wdien a blood-red colour should added, and then two to four drops of the solution of perchloride of iron, and finally dilute sulphuric acid, until the yellowish-brown colour of the basic ferric salt formed in the beginning of the reaction has changed into a light yellow. The diastolic murmur had also nothing to do with the accidental systolic bruit de diable present at the same time. Two severe chills, with typical septic temperature and sweating, indicated prompt intervention in spite of the existing pneumonia. The animal was about fifteen years old, and had been its present owner's possession for five months.

A cerate thus maintains the consistency of a soft sohd when applied to the skin, and is intended to serve as a permanent dressing, being used spread upon a backing of muslin or kid.