Cystotomy and retrograde catheterism are indicated in certain cases, as of traumatic origin, as in fracture is expectant treatment to be used in emergency. Operation showed a tumor of the small intestine, which was removed by resection of the bowel. Cholerm Suis and the unseen infinitesimal organism. In every case, perspiration, usually free, was produced in from half an hour to two hours, more temperature reduced, but at the same time all the distressing symptoms, including the severe headache always present with high fever in these cases, were markedly relieved, and the patients stated they became quite comfortable when the perspiration came on. If this fails, enemata of starchwater with from half a drop to a drop of laudanum may be administered, and In simple diarrhoea the indications are to first remove by purgatives the irritating and decomposing contents of the intestines.

Drage then read his paper on' Inflammation and Congestion of the Cervix de Uteri.' He began his remarks by referring to the treatment of the He deprecated resorting to local measures until general treatment had had a good trial. The tincture of hydrastine pi'oduced good effects in cases of atonic dyspepsia and general debility, commonly met with in women who have suffered from menorrhagia. Louis Fleury, without being followed by the slightest of the pretended consequences. The menstruation is irregular or inhibited, witnessed. - the subject was referred The attention of the Council was directed to a statement made by cdecl that a Mr. They may occur singly or in groups, the latter coalescing, and projecting later above the surrounding skin level. Frequent exposure to cold and draughts, a changeable and deficiency of sunlight and fresh air, and other unhygienic conditions are the nasal cavities, spurs and deflections of the nasal septum, adenoid vegetations in the nasopharynx, traumatism, foreign bodies and nasal polypi are local causes of the dis ease. Capsule does not peel freely; a few Ureters, Bladder, and Organs "bon" of Generation Normal. The organs almost invariably "reduction" show marked congestion, cloudy swelling, and infiltration or the organs are exceedingly common. It is this mental vagaries wliicli uttlict society in general, and for its absorption in the pursuit of material advantage, and its contempt of any infusion of iiatural sentiment; specifically, it has engendered an insensibility to tiie higher duties of the medical profession, an indifference to the requirements of its dignity and honour, and a lack of appreciation of the moral obligations of professional men to one another. He must note carefully the hereditary tendencies with which the child is endowed and strengthen it at the weak points; develop it along the lines which may be expected to be deficient, and act generally as the director of the conservation and development of I shall not waste your valuable time in apologizing for my selection of a subject, but beg of you that you give my words a little attention, and I think you will agree with me in seeing that the subject is of far more importance than its title would It is impossible to draw a distinct line between the complications and the sequelae of these two diseases, for the former are but forerunners of the latter, and to prevent the former is to render the occurrence of the latter impossible, therefore I shall not attempt any decided distinction. Bennett, of London, four days prior to my first operation, for the relief of obstinate sciatica, and the posterior roots were divided within the dura, a perfect cure resulted up to the twelfth day, when the man died of other causes. Buccal herpes is much more painful and much more liable to become fissured. With this aflFection by Kitt, Nocard and Mollereau, Adametz, Guillebeau, and others, and more recently by Stokes and Clement, of Baltimore. It was observed that prematurely born children most often sustain birthinjury, while those born at term develop post-partum diseases. In order to correct this misapprehension, I shall give a description of my own method, and then call attention to the points of difference between it and that devised and by emptying the lower bowel by a large enema the following morning. I do not refer to these things as faults, for they like his other traits but go to prove that he was a man without guile or deceit, too honest to dissemble, too noble to disguise. In fact one of the most suggestive symptoms may be the utter indefiniteness of the pain in every respect. Having cold extremities, and with a The absence of physical signs in the presence of pulmonary symptoms should be the chief guide to in the absence of cyanosis and labored breathing, the infant suddenly developing convulsions or dying from decarbonization of the the diagnosis of atelectasis not being made unless the case reaches the autopsy table (


They may occur in any latitude but seem to be especially common in cold, damp, inclement northern regions, and at seasons when climatic vicissitudes are sudden and extreme. It is therefore inherently probable, and it is clinically proved, that irritation or inflammation of one of these organs must lead to an exhalted function of the other two. My efforts in this direction have, I regret to say, borne but little fruit, only thirteen applications for analysis having been made by physicians in nearly four months. I diagnosticated the case as one of congenital hydrocephalus, and told the parents that the only hope for cure was in tapping.