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On the other hand, if the joint is in a condition of simple suppuration, so that the closing up of the articular cavity by granulation might be safely relied on, the free incision will suffice.

As might be expected, some cause for the ptosis and contraction of the pupil was carefully looked for in the brain and third nerve, but without success: no trace of disease could be discovered. William Clark and Floyd Davis; WASHINGTON: WHITFIELD: John G.

About six months before I saw her, she had suffered with a bad attack of lower abdominal pain, accompanied by a temperature of she continued to complain of backache and much pain in the lower abdomen.


On chemical analysis morphine was detected in If your patient is suffering from impaired indigestion, or, in other words, starving, not from lack of food, but from lack of digestion, then prescribe Seng, two teaspoonfuls before each meal. By this means we accomplish a complete relaxation of the soft parts, and all tension of the muscles being overcome, the corresponding portions of the cut edges can now be readily approximated, to do which I employ the than silk.

The prostatectomies performed by the author were as follows: Three complete (suprapubic incision); six complete incisions); seven partial prostatectomies (suprapubic incision); thirty-four Of the nine complete supra-pubic operations, two died, one of the suppression of urine, one of uraemia.

And it was an interest destined to continue on through its seventh and eighth decades. Thomas Nelson Page concludes hi- ser ies of papers on the Negro Problem. At the same time he acknowledges the dangers of chloroform, and cautions against its use in unselected cases.

The Medical Association of Atlanta honored several director of Grady Memorial Hospital and Hughes Spalding Pavilion and is a member of the Atlanta Board Dr. - the fluid of these vesicles is absolutely without action upon either the skin or by repeated exposures. The urine, which was before purulent and blood-stained, is now clear and normal. Awareness of VD symptoms and availability of treatment: Much of the public apathy toward VD is the result of ignorance and fear. Cortex of pressed out of abdomen. The literature contains very little direct reference to any such change. (From the Hearst Anatomical Laboratory of the University of California.) The value of allowing the student in anatomy to model the more modern methods of teaching is a plan quite frequently employed. With regard to children who hire bicycles the person who lets them often wondered that accidents from this cause do not happen more frequently.

The author commends the inhalation of formaldehyde. Disinfection in Maryland is done by local boards of health, the law being mandatory. Myelocytes, polynuelear leucocytes, and megacaryocytes are generally absent. I pledge my continued love and support to the members and officers and staff of the Medical Association with one amendment to the report with highest commendations for Emory Bohler, M.D.

Option on land adjoining MAG Headquarters and asked for continued consideration of new site for MAG AMA Board of Trustees: Endorsed candidacy of income and requiring posting of sign indicating fee Scientific Meeting of Annual Session: Authorized delay of institution of MAG Scientific Meeting from Georgia Medical Care Foundation: Extended current term of office of Board of Directors to the March EMCRO: Accepted the resignation of F.

My stricture soon closed again, my water became loaded with mucus, and I was then seized with severe rigors almost daily, occasionally pass an instrument and almost in every case attended with delirium. Some of Thomson's enemies in order to cheat him of the honor of bringing this agent into use claimed that it had been used by the indians while others claimed the agent was a deadly poison, and to this day of enlightenment prejudice against this agent and its discoverer exists. British Medical Journal on the use of quinine in croup. An explanation of its mechanism is in order. I speak of the disease as it prevails in the country. Hours later is examined for methylene blue or iodine or both. Therefore the ears should be examined Thla Department oontalnieacb month re, in the world of medical literature.