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The scientific explanation of a part of the process by which this has been brought about, as by natural selection, heredity, education, progressive changes in this or lint it iloos, nevertheless, indicate that it is not a char acteristic to be denounced, or opposed, or neglected, has been, and still is, of immense importance in human in peace and came out in peace." Many are the mystic and cabalistic interpretations which have been given of this saying; and if for" Paradise" vFe read" the world of knowledge," each of you can, no doubt, best interpret the parable for himself. The chapter on neurasthenia does not call for special mention save to say that it does not fit the treatise. The toxicologic examinations showed negative results. The committee, therefore, not only greatly enlarged the powers and duties of the board, but recommended that it be made a permanent feature of the State administration, and that the existing board should be the adoption of the section reported, and stated that State supervision of charitable institutions should be so thorough that every dollar of money contributed to their support could be traced to its ultimate destination.

We tested this matter, however, in two experiments. Some of the factors controlling such processes are: dietary intake, membrane permeability, energy and reparation requirements, catabolism of amino acids, incorporation of amino acids into cellular The complex process of protein metabolism resulting in a net increase in the amount of body protein depends on an increased rate of synthesis from precursors, a decreased rate of catabolism, a decreased rate of breakdown of amino acids to urea, and an increased availability of precursors. Convalescence, although tedious, was steady, until he left the Hospital, six weeks from the time of operation. The pain varies in severity, but gradually becomes more marked and more widespread, invading gradually the loins, the ribs, and the sternum, the latter of which become the seat of tender spots and lose their rigidity. The diameter of the pulmonary artery at the cardiac end was about one and one-half inches, and at its entrance into the lung nearly an inch. The discovery of the highly germicidal properties of silver nitrate for the gonococcus and the progressive production of other silver salts less irritating to the urethra, argentamin, argonin, protargol and largin, seem to have lessened the duration of treatment and, in the hands of some surgeons, apparently leave little to be desired.

She complains of pain in the left ovarian region. The neceflity of perpetual refpiration fliews, that the oxygen of the atmofphere fupplies the fource of the fpirit of animation; which is conftantly expended, and is probably too fine to be long contained in the nerves after its'produdlion in the brain. In summing up and classifying the different cases, Bernheim finds that of those treated by hypnotism As to the question whether hypnotism is dangerous to those on whom it is practised, Bernheim replies, no, if properly managed. Finally he came back to me with a return of the trouble, and I again gave him iodide of potassium, gradually increasing the dose. Robert Abbe, who radiographed the forearm (Plate XXXVI). The mucous membrane of the mouth becomes dry, discolored and covered with dust. Animals that have passed through the disease may carry the virus for several months. The same instru ment was then used to inoculate the well. If in relapsing cases (old abscesses) there is an indication of septic absorption, we have special reason for immediate operation. Should be indicated and whether or not he desires to have this appliance returned on completion of this study.