Nausea, vomiting and headache are common.

In a military point of view it would he iully as efl'ective. But little medicinal treatment is re quired in this malady, provided the precautions just alluded to are heeded; a few doses of the sixth dilution of mercurius sol.

This amount varies in different subjects; in one notable instance, the remarkable case of Captain Townsend, the communication appeared to be so direct, that the individual possessed the power of voluntarily controlling the pulsations of the heart, and could" either faint or die, at will;" but in the vast majority of cases, the normal action of the heart, as physiology has shown, is neither under the direct control of the will, nor is it dependent upon the cerebro-spinal system nor any cerebrospinal centre whatever; but upon, second, the ganglionic system which supplies it most abundantly in the cardiac plexuses. If handled carefully and talked to in a simple, childish manner he may overlook the fancied slights, but it seems doubtful whether he ever really forgives injuries. There may be marked tenderness along the transverse colon. In one of these, the second sound preserved the accent, and in the other, neither sound was accentuated. AflFording expression of such opinions is also a proper function of these periodicals. Both good eonstltnUon and habits. Its prompt action on early moist lesions has a decided efli'ect in limiting the spread of contagion. Of Ovum, the passage of the ovum from the ovary to the Fallopian tube. There goes with this a certain unstabihty of the emotional tone as manifested by the quickly changing feeling of good humor, irritability and anger. The unpleasant odor of the urine disappeared, and its appearance was greatly improved. See Bacillus erysipelatos leporis, Koch ( These predisposing factors may be classed under three heads, namely; (a) structural, (b) environmental, (c) dietetic. The main symptoms may be divided into psychic, motor, and sensory. Hemostats should not be allowed to remain on the tissues for any length of time. In extreme cases there can be no difficulty in its application; but such are not usually the subject of judicial investigation, it is in doubtful cases, whether the individual is insane or not. On the contrary, if the following conditions are present, viz., irritation, inflammation, fever, deranged digestion, de the morbific agent will be absorbed with facility, and speedily produce its specific impression: - in extreme cases, a grain of the second or third trituration may be given every half hour, gradually lengthening the intervals as circum Remarks.

When the question of malice prepense is agitated, the intoxication of the party may be shown. The attack terminates in a pronounced memberservices sweat. It consists of a fibrous framework or stroma, in which are imbedded the Graafian follicles, and is surrounded by a serous covering derived from upon either side of the uterus through which the ovule passes to the uterus. There are, however, cases in which chemical agents may be used to advantage to obtain desirable physical results and The salt mixture mentioned above increases the solvent power of the water for mucus, pus, and other collected material and it also renders the water less irritating to the mucous membranes.