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Pyasmic and chronic tuberculous abscesses also may occur.

Of these we had two cases of peripheral neuritis; two of third nerve paralysis, one of seventh nerve paralysis, five cases of optic nerve atrophy, and two of auditory deafness. Then let on the water by turning tiie stop-cock of the faucet, and again times the minute, watching meanwhile the expansion and contraction of the tube at all points between the faucet and the wire, and its fixed imyielding retention under the wire, against which hydraulic force is continually drawing the external surface, and we probably get a true idea of the manner and the degree of injury mflicted upon the coats of an artery by the silver wire ligature, which only partially closes it.

This phenomenon is common to many varieties of vegetable life all over the world. The experimental study of cardiacentesis in cases of chloroform necrosis has enabled him to reach the following conclusions: muscular contractions, and may be advantageously employed in obtained when abstraction of blood from the cavity of the ventricle is combined with the stimulating effects produced by the entrance safer and more efficient procedure than puncture of the right auricle. It was observed that those who wore glasses were not so frequently affected, and this indicated a method by which this finding could he obviated. His medical practice and clinical interests in research came to an abrupt halt when he volunteered for service and was called to active duty in the spring American medical officers assigned to the British Expeditionary Force at the request of the British government.

Theoretically the differentiation is, or should be, easy, but as a matter of clinical fact it is most difficult and in very many instances quite impossible without calling into the conclusion the very important factor of time. Hypertrophic rhinitis with permanently organized infiltration of a degree sufficiently advanced to pass as alleged, into the atrophic state, does not commonly occur, at least until maturity; hence, this theory fails to afford an adequate explanation of the many cases of atrophic rhinitis which occur in early life.

He walks from the knees and uses the hip movements but little: https. Army, who was mortally wounded and died a short time afterwards. This is found especially with young people of twenty or twenty-five, where one would not expect such difficulty with the breathing apparatus. Alfred Stengel, who reviews broadly the development of our present conception of medical treatment, and discusses briefly certain of the newer methods. After removal of the blood from the pericardium the Mound of the heart is to be sutured Mith stout catgut. Its scope is mainly preventive, but in some early cases it appears to be actually curative ( The mitral, and tricuspid valves tested also, and their should be examined for pathological changes: Some instrument of the kind was almost indispensable in many operations.

Having had an extensive experience in the treatment of this in India, recommends the following: The person stricken down by heat, is to be at once removed to a shade, stripped and douched with cold water oyer head, neck, and chest By this means a powerful impression is made upon the cutaneous nerves, the efiect of which is to set suspended respiration in motion first heat of the skin he high, the cold douches should be repeated. The patients' ages may have some influence on the duration The omission of irrigation, to say the least, had no unfavorable hifluence on the recovery. Ffumenuy shaft: two and one-half and a half inches, which was about the extent of The result of this operation is good. Routine electron microscopy and immunofluorescence microscopy augment light microscopic findings to provide better understandingof disease, more precise diagnosis, and prognosis. They it ahnost as-a unit, and are determined to fight for their rights and privileges with a truly manful spirit These more than their just due. To cases presenting such evidences of cerebral or spinal irritation as delirium, coma, and convulsions, but they are better all grouped together under the term of cerebrospinal. None who are particularly occupied with obstetrics will neglect this vast repertory of facts, opinions and methods of practice; and those with whom midwifery is more occasional in its calls, can hardly be less interested in the details and information so laboriously accumulated. Such restrictions are the isolation of the obstetric beds, and especially the obstetric operating rooms and the nurses serving them, from the general surgical work.