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I have found cases so different from those which we discussed in the last lecture that there wasnot asingle patch of lymph on the surface of the arachnoid, that membrane being everywhere bright and smooth; yet, beneath it, the brain structure was encased in a mould of lymph. The insidious onset of the more acute symptoms, on tho contrary, suggested the diphtheritic nature of the complication, and the post-mortem evidence favoured this -view. The lowest term in the series of these Metazoa is undoubtedly represented by the J'orifi-ya or Sponges, which, after oscillating times, been recognised as animals by all who have carefully studied their structure and the manner in which their functions The place in the animal kingdom which is to be assigned to the sponges has been, and still is, a matter of debate. Chronic poisoning produces emaciation and fatty degeneration of liver, kidneys and nuiscles ( Bogoslowsky ). This subsided in a few months, only to reappear six months later. (Leonard Tlill," Recent notions, just as the atom is group losing its position as a fixed When gelatine is dissolved in hoi wnier is the jiroduct a true solution? Tliat is a burning (juestion which has been the subject of much controversy. Here the symptoms show certain differences which make it possible to detect the lesion. I inclose a copy of the JVcst yirf;iiiia Medical Journal, the official organ' of the West Virginia State Medical.Association, and a copy of a local paper, both of which contain articles on this subject by reliable eyewitnesses. The fact that seybala evacuated by the second had the appearance of being more recent, indicates that blockage may have been caused by indurated and impacted fa;ces. Thus, upon one occasion, when I spent about three months of my vacation close to a provincial town, finding after some weeks that sulphate- of-quinine pills obtained there, which were used in the family, had not the usual effect and efficacy, I took the liberty of sending two samples of them to two of our most skilful analytic chemists, who reported that they contained no quinine! This I told to the chemist who had supplied them, and he confessed that the pills were made with muriate (hydro -chlorate) of cinchonia. - kelynack, so that when the reform comes they may be in a position to work it to Phases of Evolution and Heredity.

This gradual abandoning of the vaginal route in favor of that by the abdomen was an unconscious step on the part of all of us, and was the result of an effort to do more conservative work and to save all parts that could be of any possible service to the patient. It is no longer a charity but is patronized by the great majority of our citizens. - this is more than can be said of any other of the acute infections in the present state of our knowledge. The secomlarij hiEmorrhage, also, which takes place at a more or less remote period after the first twenty-four hours, has nothing peculiar about it after this procedure; but that whicli occurs within the twenty-four hours, and generally in from three to nix hours (and which the author terms hitmorrhag'ie prt'cocf, as distingui.shed from that occurring later), is a direct result of the procedure, inasmuch as it is much more rarely met with under otlier circumstances. Mot! on alcohol ai mental diHoidern is interesting as ho incidentally loin maiiv i'lrom in asylum statistics; lie conclude' ili dilclion of certified iiisaiiily," hiit points out that all li evidence indicates that a mental deficient is made driu repiitatioii of drunkards nllhoiigh they may con ill Professor Raymoud Pearl discusses at length the statistics coiieeniing the iuflueuce of alcohol consumption on the duration of life. Practitioners often restrain them, or they debar themselves from food which they consider very liable to ferment, such as fruit, vegetables, wine, and beer. This action cannot, however, lio vegardcd as a pni effect by the bacterial toxins upiiil the sympathetic'.syslei.i Tho question nuiy even he raised whether the febrile re sponso is of real aKsislance, ami here the phenonicini el tho thyroici gland of gninea-pigs showed signs of hj per plasiii and inlriise eelliilnr activity during iinininiix.alioii found that the febrile responso was closely connected will the thyroid glainl since thyroidectomy prevented its occui frbiiln responsr whiiji fcdlows a viiccitie injection and tin degree of iniiiiiiiilly llieiehy ehtablished, ami it liirdnie quest iiiiiable wbellier the fi'lirlle renclion Ih nn adviinliig' or tho reverw. I found this condition: Divergent strabismus, the pupils dilated irregularly, the patient dazed, unable to collect his thoughts or speak intelligently, great vertigo. So far as I know children with colds arc excluded from only one private school in New York City, while it is well known that so-called colds are often an evidence of intluenza, which is a very contagious disease; that they exist for three daj's preceding the eruption of measles, while what is known as a cold is the conmTon phenomenen of the first two weeks of whooping-cough before the characteristic cough develops. THE BIRMINGHAM MEDICAL INSTITUTE AND HOMCEOPATHY.

They were considered as dexterous in the art of war as in that of medicine, and were on several occasions called upon by their comrades in arms to give professional counsel and help.t MACHAON made himself chiefly prominent as a surgeon, while PODALIRIOS ARKTINOS which was composed soon after the former poem but is now only extant as a fragment, allusion is made to this separation of the two chief branches of medical science, in the words:" then ASKLEPIOS bestowed the power of healing upon his two sons, nevertheless he made one of the two more celebrated than the might draw missiles from the flesh and sew up and heal all wounds; but the other he endowed with great precision of mind so as to understand what cannot be seen, and to heal seemingly incurable diseases. By way of prevention.succulent food, abundance of pure water, and the correction of any infective catarrhal affection of the duodenum, or of the bile or pancreatic ducts would be specially indicated. Do not be satisfied with watching others demonstrate how they should bo done: Another case very similar to the above occurred under the care of a colleague at the Ophthalmic Hospital quite recently, and although we could not obtain a post-mortem, yet it is of sufiicient interest to be detailed.

Therefore, the most practical suegestion, if T mav be permitted, is that you familiarize yoursehxs with the of the ophthalmoscope in your Ill would it become me to speak ex-cathedra to such a learned body of men as have honored me with their attention to-night, even if the time permitted, hut a mere bald statement of.some of your daily cases will show you how this little instrument can be of the greatest service to you: