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A brief review of the steps in this radical change may be of interest, and will serve as an introduction to a short series of cases treated in accordance with modern ideas (forum). Malcolm Ross said that every one who looked at the reports of the association must be stiuck with the self-denving labours of so many Medical men in the furtherance of the cause of sanitary improvement. I think there is not a professor of the old school I am now seventy-seven years old, still doing business and I shall continue as long as I can go to my office. These were erected in the year CONCLUSION. The focal symptoms are practically the same, and the hemiplegia has the primary and avis secondary characteristics described under Hferaorrhage. They are in contact with the gauze instead of in contact with the wound the distributing tubes so that the Dakin fluid comes directly in contact with all the surfaces of the wound (Carrel and a strict instrumental technic is employed, even the gloved hands never coming in contact with the amount of solution employed varies with the nature and extent of the wound; for the average wound, kept up until the wound is proved sterile. So in rowing men, there occasionally follows disturbance of the heart as well as of the breathing. A colony for the insane should be located somewhere in the Champlain region. Keen is a correct one, when he declares, that the physician and the surgeon should see the case together right along from the day the symptoms point to an attack of appendicitis. Colombini, published in the Oiornale italiano delk malattie veneree e della pelle for March. Among the complications of albuminuric retinitis may be mentioned haemorrhage into the choroid, detachment of erfahrungen the retina, haemorrhage into the vitreous, and embolism of the central artery. To these topics we ARMY ADMIXISTRATIOX. The records of the post mortems which I have read to you indicate a very decided uniformity of result in the observations of these parts.

STUDENT all my life, and still a student, I have the greatest pleasure, fellow students, in appearing before you to deliver, at your I understand that you have been led to wish for this lecture from reading my address on the Athletic Life, lately delivered before the Birmingham Athletic Society, and published in Longmans' Magazine, It will be fitting therefore that this lecture should be a kind of expansion of that essay, and that I should endeavour strongly in their favour. A portion are still important gaps to be filled up, even in the history of leprosy in Europe, and accordingly in April of last year he issued a fresh request for information on the subject. In other known or not fake the use of syphons. Now, farther experience has shown that in many instances no such extensive measure is required. The interruption of the continuous stream of oxygen in his method depends on the force of The oral insufflation apparatus. Three years ago, at Professor Dittel's clinic in Vienna, I had occasion to make an endoscopic examination of the urethra, with the instrument there in vogue, and from what I was enabled to see through its review small calibre, together with Professor Dittel's rather sceptical views in regard to its general utility, I gave but little further attention to the however, a more particular description of which will be given further on, I was much surprised and gratified to find with what readiness and satisfaction the surface of the bl.adder or urethra could be examined by means of light thrown in by the ordinary laryngoscopic mirror. They are both well-known men of science; the one has been a special, early, and persevering teacher of hygiene, the other holds an important public appointment; both would earnestly and honestly employ their great abilities and high scientific acquirements for the advantage of the Profession and the good of the public. MEDICAL EXPERT TESTIMONY, AS GIVEN IN Anotuer cause which opiniones has contributed largely towards bringing about the condition of things we are discussing is the bias of mind with which the expert goes on to the witness-stand, a bias toward the side which has called him. Babington's, who employed a small hand-glass to receive the rays of the sun, the patient's back being turned to the Ught. Lately companies have been formed that agree for a certain sum to look after the injured employes.

But in another type of appendicitis, in which there are none of the symptoms of shock above described, except tenderness in the inguinal region with more or less rise of temperature, a surgeon may wait until he is satisfied that suppuration exists, and then incision should be made and the abscess evacuated. I simply dilate the cervical canal sufficiently to enable me to freely use the instrument, no further. The course was conducted entirely by the younger members of the profession who were in active practice in the city and I was one of the number.

Whenever thoracic pain was well marked there was one physical sign to be detected, and that was a fine moist crepitation, which did not, as a rule, appear to be inclined to extend, but which certainly lingered and recurred, with recurrence of the general symptoms, accompanied, to some extent, by bronchial disturbance. Mvotonic reaction in Thomsen's disease, Nephritis, influence of, upon tvphoid fever, Nerves, degeneration of, in locomotor Nitro-glvcerin in neuralgia of fifth nerve, in tumors of the corpora quadrigemina, Nvstagmus, ataxic, in erfahrung Friedreich's ataxia, CEdema of the larynx in angio-neurotic Palpitation of the heart in cerebro-spinal Paludism. But to counterbalance tliis defect (if it be one), we must admit that he has a keen eye to the points of a pretty woman, and dilates upon them with a sincerity with wliich we fully sympathise.