It is plainly observable that"do this and he doeth it," without giving the reasons why, has, in this connection, been too frequently blindly followed by the profession. It requires no special emphasis today. These are the cases due to in the ducts and possibly to the general As the diagnosis of all these conditions is so difficult it is the surgeon's duty to bear in mind the possibility of their existence and search for them.

The medical examiner examined the child and determined the trouble, and, if contagious, or if detrimental to the health of the other children, the case was sent home. Periodic attacks of sharp pain accompanied by a considerable diminution in the amount of urine secreted, followed by relief of the pain and an abundant flow of urine are characteristic symptoms of hydronephrosis due to a movable kidney. TEMPERATURE NO GUIDE IN PERITONITIS.

Perhaps every practitioner feels that medical substances are more efficacious as they are presented to us combined by the hand of Nature, than when their active part is isolated and recombined bv the hand of man.

Within the past year, pronounced symptoms of intestinal indigestion, pains of a colicky character, flatulence, and irregular action of the bowels, etc., have come on; but the symptom which has caused the greatest apprehension.and on account of which, more especially, he has called on me, is an increasing numbness with some dimunition of power of the inferior ex tremities. It certainly does not seem to me that I went out of my way to comment on the Liernur system. These men shall then be ordered before the examining board by the commanding officer of the regiment, battalion, troop, battery or separate company to which they belong, and those who pass the prescribed examination shall form the ambulance corps of their respective organizations, and remain members of the same subject to the approval of the medical officer in charge, and subject also to an annual examination by the board S. They grow very fat, and what in a great measure contributes to this is their remaining stiU during the greatest part of the heat of the day; they then conceal themselves in the tallest grass, lying on their side with their legs extended, in the same spot for hours together, and when forced upon the wing they seldom fly far, and generally in a straight line; and they are so indolent, that a dog must absolutely come upon Although the common quail is a migratory species, yet specimens are not uncommon in Great Britain and Ireland, after the great body of them have changed their abode, at that fixed period when they usually take their departure. Ascribes the best results to the creasote treatment, following the formula of Bonthard and Groubert, which he adopted a to give you here another illustration of the marked success which is due to the intro duction of antiseptic dressings in the treatment of gunshot injuries. In the first, after two weeks the patient was able to pass water unaided and gradual recovery followed; in the second, the results are not yet determined. This promises to be one of the best meetings ever held by this well-known medical widely known ophthalmological journal, conducted during many years with distinguished ability by the late Professor Warlomont, has, since the death of that illustrious leader in ophthalmology, passed into the editorial hands of Drs. Legit - siedamgrotzky, Johne and Ostertag consider the vesicles to be small dermoid cysts; Kitt took tliem to lie athcromata. Sample with literature sent gratis on request the Reliance Medical College and Instructor in Dermatology and Venereal Diseases in the In the preface the author states that he has endeavored to furnish a concise digest of the diagnosis and treatment of the gonorrheal infection and he has certainly accomplished his object.

By these improvements, now approaching completion, the capacity of the hospital will be nearly doubled. Draper's work on the physical make-up of mankind points to part of the answer to both questions. I think it may be fairly concluded from such results as these, that if the more delicate tests had been used in the first instance, I would then have detected the albumen. If for no other reason, the standard milk ordinance can be justified from the standpoint of cutting out confusion on the part of the general public. The next year King and Cox, before the meeting of the Greshan College in London, transfused the blood of a little mastiff dog into the veins of a spaniel dog, with such success that the medical men became interested at once in transfusion. Further up he thought he could feel a body, which might have been a uterus: ovaries could not be made out. After the onset of necrosis the skin becomes brown, and at is the same time its sensitiveness diminishes to complete anesthesia. As there are nineteen thousand nine hundred and forty-seven regular physicians, the ratio of homeopaths to regulars is, for England and Wales, one to sixtyfour; for Scotland, one to one hundred and seventy; and for Ireland, one to six hundred and nine. Very often no stones are found, but instead the pancreas is seen to be enlarged, cirrhotic and constricting the common bile duct. These cases offer a more favorable prognosis after operation (which consists in opening and draining the abscess) than the acute cases. Which is done bj beginning at the snout, and turning the skin over the ears down to the tail. She was now examined by the railroad surgeon, who was inclined to regard her troubles as trivial, inasmuch as there was no central implication of the cord. In the evening she was rapidly increased in quantity. If you will use these materials, in the course of eighteen months or two years the tooth will be found quite hard, and capable of proper manipulation, to prepare it for the king Dr.

There is therefore no ground for separating diseases similar to articular rheumatism from this disease review in so far as they do not represent the partial symptoms of specific infectious disease.