The tone of the discussion which followed indicated a strong feeling in favor of very great moderation in surgical activity in cases of laryngeal tuberculosis. Thomas Addis, Surgeon State Women's Flint, Dr.

In other parts of the body the Osteopath makes much of muscular contractures or ajftony, of their interference with blood vessels and nerves, of mechanical derangements or dislocations of organs and tissues. Does not cause the unpleasant gastric symptoms of potassium iodide. These three articles are of remarkable merit. The stools and urine passing involuntarily. Pettey'a original method under his personal care. Usually the nucleus and nucleolus are present with their ordinary characteristics.

He subjected the circulars convicted them of misleading statements.

Signs of pneumothorax and collapse of the lung, or perhaps of general subcutaneous emphysema, may be present The diagnosis of emphysema is usually not difficult In pneumothorax the affected side is enlarged, the spaces obliterated, movement is restricted or absent and is exaggerated on the opposite side.

In four of the fifteen cases such lesion was rjresent as may In the cases of varicose veins reported the importance of lumbar, sacral place at which it could effect the center for superficial circulation, (Superior In seventeen of the twenty cases benefit or cure was made in a short time, considering the case. There follows a deep sense of relief as the time draws near for the end of my term in office without any major catastrophe. Email - the subject of clean milk legislation has been agitated before the public for over five years,, and previously the Ellis milk bill, the predecessor of the present measure, after being successfully passed by the legislature, has been killed by the gubernatorial veto. In ways suggest the possibility of the arthritis young children epilepsy has for its cause being gonocoocal or septic in nature, or to some radical defect in the psychocerebral the pain being due to an anterior polio- development by virtue of which the child myelitis.

There is also an increase in the acids of two and not in the other. He considered that frequent examinations for the microorganisms were necessary, and if, after repeated trials, none was found, the case might be regarded as non-infective, and the individual allowed to marry, even though abundant secretion be present ( The extreme tenderness will allow of but gentle treatment, but by exercising care in appUing the treatment at first, a deep and thorough treatment may be given after preliminary relaxation of the tissues. The break sure upon surrounding and vital structures, in the equilibrium of the associated ductless In considering the symptoms of abnormal glands to produce hyper-thyroidism under thyroid existence, let us class them in three such conditions is seemingly brought about groups; thus emphasizing the tripod, (of in the majority of cases by some infectious pain or disturbance of function, of infection, disease or severe illness, although a conand of possible disaster from either rupture siderable number of cases exhibit the first or pressure), that should appeal to the sur- symptoms through a change in the nervous gical conscience. It was learned, elaborate, and scholarly. He announced this method some time ago and his later experience has only rendered him more recently read before the Belgian Gyne cological anad Obstetrical Society by Dr.

In this particular instance, the mass was sessile but movable.

Tin: POSSIBLE SVI'IIILITIC ORIGIN OF CERTAIN BLADDER IIXDERATIONS. During her convalescence, for symptom may prove of great value. The costal pleura was thickly seeded with yellowish miliary and larger flattened areas of thickening, most of which were grouped about a projecting flattened scar-like area with radiating margins. Pomeroy stated that he hail repeatedly injected stanced a case where both nostrils were jiartially stopped by polypi, when a stream pumped into one nostril, and somewhat impeded in its exit liom the other, had passed into the ears, producing some pain but no harm. All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of the Journal, should be addressed to There has lately been published the report of an investigation into the extent and care of sickness in Duchess County, N. Three subjects, males, aged respectively thirty- five, fifty, and five, "" have supplied material for the horizontal sections: eight being taken from the first, two from the second, and eight from the third. In other cases the lateral perineal operation, when applicable, is the best of the cutting In the discussion, Dr. Allen the time required for rendering a patient sugar-free has been greatly shortened. If the selenium preparation is injected into healthy animals, the spleen becomes swollen and distended with lymphatic elements, the follicles lose their distinct contour, and lymphomata appear; but these in no way harm the animal. - after another slight relapse on Decoration Day he remained apparently sober, although he drank beer somewhat intoxicated and was admitted to the post hospital as a preventive measure. While the pathology of epilepsy is unknown, it yet appears that osteopa thic lesion may account from any of the various conditions assigned as causes. The best results were obtained when water as hot as could be endured was employed in all of the acts of the disinfection. In the course of two or three days he had a slight attack of bronchitis, but on examination nothing was" found.

Direct contact between warm, moist body surfaces and smearing with infected secretions containing living organisms are required for new infection. Ten more pieces were again transplanted by the same method with the hke success pieces are thoroughly united, and the ulcer completely the addition of chloride of iron, in the proportion of half a grain to a quart of water.